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Dude Perfect

Throw the ball through the hoop. Aim carefully and score a clean shot each time in this basketball game. Can you hit the golden coins in the same shot? Good luck!

8.8 / 10
Tap Tap Shots

Don't let the time pressure get to you in the basketball game Tap Tap Shots. You only have a couple of seconds to score in each round, but that's just about enough time to cross the court and toss the ball through the hoop... provided you're an excellent shot!

8 / 10
Street Ball Jam

Street Ball Jam is the fun and addictive basketball game that tests your aim as you try to make as many baskets as you can before the clock runs out. Choose your player, position him just right, then throw. Score as many baskets as you can in the time allowed. A perfect dunk earns you more points.

9.7 / 10
Horse Basketball

Call a basketball shot and your opponent must copy it in Horse Basketball. Get the shots you are called to make or the computer will spell a letter of the word HORSE for every shot you miss.

8.2 / 10
Basketball Line

Catch the balls in Basketball Line. Draw lines to intercept the basketballs and make them roll into the hoop. In many of the levels, you'll have to catch more than one basketball at the same time. To complete the levels, you mustn't let a single one drop. However, if you see a bomb, don't let it fall into the hoop. Be sure to drop it or draw a line to deflect it.

5.3 / 10
Dunk Hit

Dunk Hit tests your speed, aim, and timing as you try to score baskets in the time allowed. Click the screen to raise the ball toward the basket until you dunk it. But move fast and with accuracy. If you dunk the ball you can move on, but if you overshoot the ball goes over the backboard and it’ll be game over for you.

5.1 / 10
3 Point Shootout

Aim carefully and score as many three-pointers as you can. You will switch positions every five turns. How many will you be able to score? Be quick, because you only have one minute.

8 / 10
Super Basketball

Tap to grab the ball in Super Basketball, a fun online skill game. Take aim and try to determine the best angle to shoot the ball through the hoop. Let go to toss the ball. When the ball goes flying, you'll soon find out how good your aim is. You have 90 seconds to score as many points as you can!

0 / 10
Sports Heads Basketball

Defeat all you opponents in this basketball game. You're a head and a hand, but you can still play a mean game. Aim carefully!

9 / 10
Ultimate Swish

Ultimate Swish is a challenging online basketball game that tests your free throw skills. Stop the balls at just the right place in the ‘x’ to aim your shot and release the ball. Try to make as many baskets as you can before time runs out on the clock.

0 / 10
Basketball Challenge Flick The Ball

Basketball Challenge Flick the Ball is hoop action in reverse. Instead of trying to throw the ball into the hoop, you must move the hoop to try and catch the ball. Balls are lobbed onto the court from all sides. Try to move the hoop under the ball to catch it as it falls. Catch enough balls in each level and you get to move on to new challenges – and fun new balls, too.

0 / 10
Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz is the special Halloween edition of basketball. In this exciting shootout game, you get to choose your own supernatural monster. Take on all your opponents by scoring 11 points first. Try not to miss a single shot!

10 / 10
Space Ball Cosmo Dude

Play basketball in a futuristic court in outer space. You are on a space ship and you have to shoot the ball through the hoop. Can you make it to the next levels?

8 / 10
Simpsons Hoops

Throw the ball through the hoops and eat donuts and other snacks with Homer Simpson. Try to hit the bonus hoops and score lots of points. What is your highscore?

8.3 / 10
Dunk Ball

In the basketball game Dunk Ball, you're not moving around the player but the basket! Move the basket left and right to catch all the falling basketballs. Can you react quickly enough? Try not to drop a single one!

6 / 10
Slam Dunk Mania

Shoot the ball through the hoops and try to score as many points as you can. Can you repeat your best shots fast enough? Aim carefully and score as many points as possible.

8.6 / 10
Basket Pinball

Basket Pinball is a funny crossover between a pinball machine and a basketball game. Flick the flippers up and down to hit the ball and shoot it through the hoop. Bounce the ball against the sides, trap it with the flippers, but don't let it slip through the gap in the middle!

10 / 10
World Basketball Championship

Play a game of basketball with cats. Try to score with each throw. You have five throws per match. Can you win the championships?

8.4 / 10
Bucketball 2

Throw the ball and aim it well so that it falls into the bucket. Match the colours of the ball and the bucket. If you cannot score a direct hit, try bouncing the ball off something.

0 / 10

Mep is imprisoned in a ball. Score 1000 points to free him. Your points only count if you also shoot the ball through the hoop. And the real high score in made in the lightning round!

8 / 10
Ketchapp Basketball

Throw the ball through the hoop in the sports game Ketchapp Basketball and try not to miss. If you miss, you will lose the game. You start with a couple of easy shots, but it gets harder as you go along!

10 / 10
Basketball Master

Pick up the basketball and throw it through the hoop. Can you keep scoring points? Sometimes you will have to avoid hitting other players. Throw the ball at the right moment!

8 / 10
3 Point Rush

Score lots of three-pointer throws in the basketball game 3 Point Rush! Shoot that the hoop from all kinds of different angles, and avoid getting blocked by the defending player bobbing up and down in front of you!

10 / 10
Finger Basketball

Bounce the ball through the hoops in Finger Basketball. Each time the ball drops below the line, you will have to move quickly and tap the right side of the screen to send the ball bouncing back up. Don't let the ball fall onto the floor. How many points will you be able to score? Don't be deceived: the game keeps getting more difficult the further you get.

0 / 10

Play a fun game of basketball one-on-one with a series of different opponents in the free .io game Freethrow.io. Take shots at the hoop and try to score more points than your opponent. You have 60 seconds to get the highest score you can possibly manage.

0 / 10
Swipe Basketball

In the basketball game Swipe Basketball, you have to score with each toss. Aim the ball through the hoop and be sure not to miss. You will start each game with three basketballs. As long as you keep scoring you will get to keep your ball, but if you miss you lose it! If you lose all three, the game's up!

0 / 10
Outdoor Basketball

Play a game of basketball. The setting it a small court outdoors. Try to shoot the ball through the hoop with each throw.

0 / 10
Fire It Up

Dribble around and into the circle until you are in a good position to take a shot at the basket. A great basketball game with nice graphics. Enjoy!

8 / 10
NBA Shootout

Not good at basketball and wish they would stop playing it outside and at school where you have to join in? Make sure this player isn't having a good time either. Use all kinds of weapons to ruin his shot and knock it away from the basket.

8 / 10
Basketball Championship

How many points can you score in this basketball game? Aim the ball well, and don't panic when the hoop suddenly starts to move around. You can do it!

8.5 / 10
Basketball Court Parking

Make your way through town by car. Collect the basketballs and then park your car exactly in the parking space next to the basketball court. You have to score some points there before you get to move on.

8 / 10
Shootin Hoops

Play a game of basketball on the streets or in an indoor court. try to get close enough to the basket to take a shot.

3 / 10
Trick Hoops Challenge

Challenge your opponent to all kinds of different shots and defeat them in their own courts. for every opponent you defeat you will encounter a slightly more skilled one. Take a shot at this urban basketball challenge.

8 / 10
Bobblehead Basketball

Design your own Bobblehead character and complete as many of the basketball challenges as you can. Shoot for points or accuracy and move on to the next challenge.

8 / 10
The Basketballer

In this Asian game of basketball you must complete ten shots in order to impress the girl with your basketball skills.

2 / 10
Cannon Basketball 2

Can you score points by throwing the ball through the hoop? Aim carefully and shoot the ball in exactly the right direction with the right amount of power! Good luck!

0 / 10
Basketball 2

Use the mouse to get the ball into the basket in each level. Give the ball the right speed and angle to shoot into the hoop. Can you get through all of the levels.

8 / 10
Sports Heads Basketball Championshi

Run and jump with your basketball player. You may only be a head and a hand, but so are your opponents, so you can definitely defeat them all!

8 / 10
Basketball Legends

Win the basketball tournament by stealing the ball from your opponents and throwing it through the hoop as many times as you can before the match is over. Have fun playing indoor basketball!

9.4 / 10
Basketballs Level Pack

Try to throw the basketball through the hoops. Pass it on with your own players, shoot the referees and try using the canons too. The fewer shots you waste the higher your score.

8.3 / 10
Superman vs Batman Basketball

Play a game of basketball with Batman and Superman. Will your favourite superhero win this match? Take aim at the hoop and throw the ball at the right moment.

8 / 10
Top Basketball

Aim carefully and shoot the basketball through the hoop. You have to decide on the right angle and power to shoot the ball and score points.

8 / 10
Afro Basketball

Play basketball in this AfroDita game. Aim carefully and keep scoring points. For every good shot you get to stand a bit further away and score more points.

8 / 10
3D Net Blazer

Score as many three-pointers as you can in this basketball game, under the gentle encouragement of MC Hammer.

8 / 10
Hardcourt Basketball

Play a real opponent in this multiplayer basketball game. Take a shot at the basket before you opponent does. Prove your skills with Hardcourt Basketball.

4.8 / 10
Tricks Hoopz Challenge

Score as many points as you can in this game by shooting the ball through the hoop. You can do all kinds of special moves too. Try some of them.

8 / 10
NBA Spirit

Are you any good at basketball? Shoot three-pointers from different angles in NBA Spirit? How well can you time your shots?

8 / 10

Use your mouse to determine the angle and the speed of your shot. Not bars to measure it in Rebounce, just instinct and well-timed mouse-clicks. Play in the practice court or play a timed round.

8 / 10
Cannon Basketball

Take aim and throw the basketball at the hoop. Can you get the ball through the hoop and score lots of points? Aim carefully!

0 / 10

Select a character. It's a ball shaped head. Try to shoot in into the gap with the highest points. Will you risk your score to try for a better one? You may only redo every shot once!

8 / 10
Hot Shots

Are you quite good at basketball? Think you could still shoot a hoop if it's moving? Try it now in this fun basketball game!

8 / 10

Run around and punch your opponent in order to get the ball and score in this game of basketball. This is no friendly match, this is Hardcourt!

7.3 / 10
Three Point Shoutout

Move around the three-point line starting from one corner of the court and ending in the other, while taking shots at the basket. Practice your three-pointers and prove your skills.

6 / 10
Crazy Hoops

Shoot the basketball into all nine hoops. Some hoops move around. Try to find out the best place to shoot from and the best moment to shoot. Shoot a ball through every one of these Crazy Hoops.

8 / 10
Ultimate Mega Hoops

Practice you set shots and your free throws in this basketball game. Keep an eye on the moving basket though.

8 / 10
Hoops Mania

Take shots at the moving basket with these basketball players. Play for three rounds and see if you can get the highest score. With each new round the players move a little further away from the basket.

8 / 10
Basketball A New Challenge

Shoot the basketball through the hoop in every level. You'll have to take a different shot each time. A new challenge in each level.

8 / 10
Street Hoops

How many points can you score playing basketball. You can choose to take the shot yourself or you can pass the ball to the team mate standing under the hoop.

8 / 10
Hero Hoops

There's lots of hoops to throw the basketball at. Aim carefully though, because they're constantly moving around! Can you score three points in one shot?

8 / 10

Can you throw all the birds into the baskets? Look at the colours and match them up with the right hoops. Aim carefully and don't miss too often! Can you score some great combinations by not missing a single throw?

8 / 10
Hottie Hoops

Play basketball against this girl and try to win the match. Score as many points as possible by throwing the ball through the hoop. Try to do it with some great tricks too.

6 / 10
Net Blazer

Take some three-point shots with Net Blazer. Move around the basket beyond the three-point zone and make some great shots.

0 / 10
Prison Basketball

Play basketball in this court. This is not just any gray-looking court though: it's a prison court. Can you still play a winning game shooting hoops inside these prison walls?

0 / 10
Basketball Show

Can you impress the girl with your athletic prowess? Walk to the hoop with your basketball and dunk the ball through. Will she fall for your basketball skills? Score as many points as you can.

0 / 10
House Basketball

Shoot the ball through the hoop in this basketball game. Shoot the spot where you want to take your shot and try it. Your opponent will then try to make the same shot. Can you score more points?

0 / 10
Bestial Basket

Move around in the court and shoot the ball through the hoop with every shot you take. Choose the right angle and speed for each shot.

0 / 10
92 Second Basketball

In this game you have only 92 seconds to throw the ball through the hoop as many times as possible and to score a lot of points. Pick up the ball and try again the moment you see you've missed.

0 / 10
Tricky Shot

Roll the ball across the platforms to make it fall through the basketball hoops in this game. Can you roll it the right way?

0 / 10

Are you good at basketball?

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