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Jurassic Homerun King

Play Jurassic baseball against a team of dinosaurs and make sure you win the game by hitting one after the other home run and scoring lots of point.

2 / 10
Zombie Land

This game is based on the film "Zombieland". Keep the zombies off you by hitting the baseballs and smashing them into the zombies. After every wave you can upgrade your skill level.

8 / 10
Homerun Hero

Swing the bat and hit the ball. You get five pitches to try to knock as far as you can. How many points will you score? A homerun scores an extra pitch.

8 / 10
Everyone's Hero Mahjong

A mahjong game with your favorite baseball heroes. Make your way through three cities by solving three mahjong puzzles. This is a fun, baseball themed, mahjong game.

8 / 10
Slugger Baseball

Become a baseball superstar in this baseball game. Hit the ball right through the stars to collect them. Try to get them all!

0 / 10
Pinch Hitter 2

Carry out a number of baseball assignments in the extended sequel to Pinch Hitter. the game takes place in the same back yard, but now you must complete a task to move on to the next level and score points for your team.

8 / 10
Homerun Derby

Play baseball in a stadium in Homerun Derby. Hit homeruns with Bugs Bunny and some of his other famous Looney Tunes friends and enemies. Have fun!

8 / 10
Popeye Baseball

Play a game of baseball with the spinach-eating sailorman Popeye in this game. Can you help Popeye hit a home run? Eat your spinach and find out!

8 / 10
Batting Champ

Play in the major or minor league and test your baseball batting skills in Batting Champ.

8.1 / 10
Ultimate Baseball

Play Ultimate Baseball and hit home run after home run. Play away the balls really fast, because for every homerun you hit the timer gains a little more time before your game is over.

0 / 10
Backyard Sports

Play baseball in the yard. You have to try to complete all the assignments you get, such as scoring a specific number of points or hitting a home run. Can you complete all 12 levels?

10 / 10
Destruction League Baseball

Try to destroy the building by batting baseballs at the building. Hit all the targets on the building, but don't waste too many balls, because you only have a limited number. Use low power for the lower targets, and higher power for the higher ones.

8 / 10
Baseball Pro

Pay attention to the ball and hit it as hard as possible! Achieve as many points as possible and keep improving your highest score!

0 / 10

Awesome baseball game by Miniclip. It's bottom of the ninth and so you have to win this game with only 3 outs left. Enjoy this realistic online sports game!

7.9 / 10
Home Run Hitter

Can you hit the ball far enough to score a home run in this baseball game? Aim carefully and swing the bat hard to slam the ball as far as you can.

9.2 / 10
Home Run Champion

Take turns pitching and batting. Can you throw hard enough to make your opponents miss their swings while you hit a home run each turn? Good luck!

0 / 10
Cartoons Baseball

Can you hit a homerun with each turn you have? Try to bat the ball so hard and precise that you knock it right out of the stadium!

8 / 10
Baseball Juiced

In this game you can make sure your team reaches the absolute top by choosing the most appropriate training methods. How successful will your team become?

8 / 10
Baseball Team

Can you hit a home run? Hit the ball far away in this baseball game. You play against another team and will both have to bat and field to win.

8 / 10
Baseball Team

Play a Japanese baseball game. This sport is immensely popular in Japan, and this is a great game. Take turns with your team at batting and pitching. When batting, bat the ball far enough to run to the next base. When pitching first throw the bal fast enough to send the batsman off with three strikes. If her does hit it, catch it and throw it to the right base by clicking on the icons in the bottom right of the screen.

8.7 / 10
Homerun Rally

Move around an hit as many balls as you can. This pitcher is a fierce one, and with some luck you might develop a proficiency in hitting him rather than the homerun.

6.5 / 10
Zombie Baseball

Zombies are attacking your farm. Luckily you still have your baseball bat and a room full of balls. Bat the balls into the zombies to kill them. A shot to the head is most effective, especially when your shot is fast enough to decapitate the zombie. Upgrade bats and skills as you go.

8 / 10
7th Inning Smash

Whack the baseball. Try to knock it through the level as hard as you can and hit as much stuff as possible. Hit passing objects and break windows.

8 / 10
Pinch Hitter

In this smoothly animated baseball game you score points by taking swings at the the ball hitting it as far as you can. Play baseball in the backyard in Pinch Hitter.

8 / 10
Homerun Mania

Carry out a number of baseball assignments. Play in a stadium and hit homeruns, avoid strikes, and score given amounts of points to move on to the next assignment. Good luck!

8 / 10
Home Run Boy

Try to hit as many home runs as you can in this chaotic home run baseball game. The pitcher throws balls at you rapidly, and you must mopve about fast enough to hit them well.

8 / 10
Power Ball

Play this game against a friend of against the computer. Stand opposite each other in the field and hit the ball back and forth with your baseball bats until one of you misses or gives up.

8 / 10
The Ads Team

See how far you can hit the ball. Or rather, the game concept, in this baseball game based on games marketing. Hit your ball far enough to be played on by other team members until it hits a gamer. How far can you get your ball to roll?

2 / 10

Play baseball in the Tanrei stadium. In this Japanese baseball game you must hit a number of homeruns to pass the levels. Time your swings well and watch the ball fly out of the stadium.

0 / 10
Big Joe's Homerun Challenge

Play baseball with Big Joe. He's got huge arms, but can he hit a homerun. Watch out for the type of ball the pitcher is serving you.

0 / 10
Baseball Jam

Can you hit a home run in this nicely designed baseball game. Swing your bat and hit the ball as far as you can. Make sure the fielder doesn't catch you out.

0 / 10

The best collection of online baseball games

Play a pitcher and pitch the ball straight at the catcher, be a fielder, or hit the ball with your bat as batter or batsman. Hit a homerun in any of the baseball games listed below. Have fun!

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