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Backgammon Arena
In Backgammon Arena you can play the challenging game of backgammon with players from all over the world. It's part luck and part strategy! Can you collect experience points and play your way into the more advanced backgammon rooms? Use the eyes you roll wisely and advance across the board. Can you knock out your opponents in this skill-based board game? Have fun!
5 / 10
Play backgammon against the computer for fun or for practice. Some of it comes down to luck, but strategy plays a large part too. Keep an eye on all of your stones. Don't leave any unattended where they can be blocked or hit.
6.9 / 10
Backgammon Go
Backgammon Go is the online multiplayer version of the ancient board game backgammon! Play with someone you know in a private session or square off against an unknown player the game picks for you. Roll the dice, move your checkers to your side, and then clear them off the board before your opponent does the same. You need a little bit of luck, but don’t forget to apply some strategic action too!
0 / 10
Classic Backgammon
Can you move all 15 of your checkers to your home board in Classic Backgammon? Try to protect your pieces by placing at least two checkers on each point you pass along the way. The dice determine how many places you can move, but you have to be strategic about splitting the numbers and picking the best checkers to move.
0 / 10
Backgammon Multiplayer
With this multiplayer game you can play backgammon against people from all over the world. Although some of it is luck, there is enough of a margin for you to impress players worldwide with your strategy.
7.6 / 10
Backgammon 2
A great backgammon variation. Make sure to bring your stones to the other side first! Don't leave your stones lying around unattended for your opponent to hit or block them. Keep an eye on the positions of all your stones and your opponent's stones and you will see why not all of this game comes down to luck.
8 / 10
Play the board game Backgammonia and beat your opponent at a game that involves both luck and sound strategy. Make your way along the points and move all of your pawns to the home board. The objective of the game is to loop around the board and bring your pawns safely to the home tray. Watch out, because your opponent can knock your pawns off the board if you leave them lying on the red and white points alone. Make sure your pawns always accompany each other, and use this to hold key positions to thwart your opponents. If a player cannot make any valid moves using the numbers they've thrown with the dice, they'll have to skip their turn! You can play against the computer or challenge another online player.
0 / 10

Are you inexplicably lucky with board games? Or just plain good? Try your hand at backgammon!

Backgammon is a two-player board game. Tric Trac is a variation on backgammon. By rolling the dice the player determines how many stones are allowed to be moved, and how far. Win a gammon or a backgammon in one of our online games.

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