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Avatar Painting

Colour in this picture of the characters from the movie Avatar. Of course, in the movie they are all blue, but if you prefer another colour that's fine too. You can colour this picture however you like.

8 / 10
Avatar: Escape from the Spirit Worl

In this game you have to help Aang return from the spirit world. Drag the right symbols over the meditating Avatar to help pull Aang back into his body. Watch out, because sometimes the symbols you must collect will change mid game!

0 / 10
Avatar Neytiri Dress Up

Dress up Neytiri from the movie Avatar. There are lots of clothes you can choose from, and also many accessories and weapons, such as a bow and arrow. Have fun!

8 / 10
Avatar Hidden Numbers

Find all of the hidden numbers in these pictures of the main characters from the movie Avatar. Can you find them all? Use your magnifying glass to spot the difficult-to-find ones.

8.2 / 10
Jake and Neytiri

Pay attention to who's watching, and when nobody is looking you can make Jake and Neytiri from Avatar kiss. Make sure nobody sees them, because otherwise they'll be in trouble!

0 / 10
Neytiri Dress Up

Dress up Neytiri, the alien heroine from the film Avatar. What kind one weapons and outfit will you choose for her to wear? Have fun!

8 / 10
Avatar Puzzle 2

Can you piece together this puzzle of the characters from Avatar? You can choose from 3 different puzzles and choose how many pieces the puzzle has. Have fun!

10 / 10
Jake and Neytiri Perfect Harmony

Jake and Neytiri want to kiss each other, but make sure nobody sees them do it. You can let them kiss, but stop as soon as someone turns to look in their direction.

8 / 10

Avatar, the film with the blue creatures

Have you seen the movie Avatar? It\'s definitely one to watch! The film is set in the year 2154. The lead characters are Jake and Neytiri. Two totally different beings, but they still get along and even fall in love... Gotten curious? Play Avatar games right here!

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