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In this game you have to break into a military base in order to rescue a kidnapped alien. Can you find it and set it free?
0 / 10
Go on another shooting adventure with the cute killing machine ALIAS and shoot everything that gets in your way.
8 / 10
Blast away with the ALIAS robot in this third part of the ALIAS shooting game series. Invade a military base and shoot everything you come across in order to seek revenge as ALIAS.
8 / 10
The military base is being attacked by robots. Help the cute little killing machine ALIAS shoot down everything that gets in his way in the first installment of the ALIAS shooting games.
8 / 10

Can you blow them all away?

Play ALIAS 1, 2 and 3 here! Become the ALIAS robot and shoot your way through this great series of shooting games!

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