Catch Chocolade letters
Grab the chocolate letters by pushing the right key. Pushing the wrong key, costs points.
8 / 10
Present Parcels
Collect parcels of the same color. Be fast, cause the parcels are not standing still!
8 / 10
Play Schoorsteenrace, a nice Skill game for free!
0 / 10
Pieten Klimtraining
Play Pieten Klimtraining, a nice Sinterklaas game for free!
8 / 10
Pakjes Rapen
Play Pakjes Rapen, a nice Skill game for free!
0 / 10
Pakjes Schudden
Play Pakjes Schudden, a nice Skill game for free!
0 / 10
Play Dakpannenpenarie, a nice Skill game for free!
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Sinterklaas or Saint Nicolas
Have you ever heard of Sinterklaas, Sint-Nicolaas or Saint Nicolas? He is a traditional winter holiday figure in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of many other countries. His birthday is celebrated on the evening of the 5th or the morning of the sixth of December. Children get chocolate letters, pepernoten and other sweats next to presents! Sinterklaas rides on a horse. Did you know that he he delivers presents from rooftops into chimneys together with his helper Piet (Pete)?

sinterklaas games
All kinds of games involving sinterklaas and Piet. Help them collecting parcels, feed sinterklaases horse Amerigo, Catch chocolate letters and play with peppernuts (pepernoten). The fifth of December is his birthday and an excellent day for these games!

We like these games:Catch Chocolade letters, Present Parcels, Schoorsteenrace, Pieten Klimtraining, Pakjes Rapen, Pakjes Schudden, Dakpannenpenarie