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Virtual Hip Replacement

In this game you will assist the surgeon in a hip replacement surgery. Look at the x-ray of the hip joint and measure the right sizes for the prosthetic. You also need to perform the actual surgery! Make an incision with a scalpel and free up the capsule containing the hip. Replace the hip and make the patient happy!

8 / 10
Open Heart Surgery

Help the cardiac surgery team while performing an open heart surgery. Read up on the anatomy of the heart and perfrom the surgery while keeping an eye on the rest of your team as well in this informative surgery game.

7.9 / 10
Virtual Knee Surgery

A realistic and informative game on orthopaedic surgery; total knee replacements (TKR). Have you ever wanted to practice a medical profession? This is your chance! In Virtual Knee Surgery you are a surgeon, and your task is to provide the patient with a brand new knee!

8 / 10
Escape the Health Centre

Escape from the health centre in this escape the room game. The nurse will be back in five minutes, so you have to work very fast. Move through the rooms and the halls collecting objects and figure out how you can use them to escape.

8 / 10
Drawn Together: Cavity Search

In this fairly comical surgery game you can help your patients with all kinds of strange complaints about the things they seem to have ingested. Are you an up and coming surgeon or an amateur butcher? Find out in Drawn Together!

8 / 10
Doctor's Operation

How steady are your hands? Can you assist Doctor Tremble in these surgical procedures? Watch out, because too much shaking and trembling might prove fatal to your patient...

8 / 10
Injection game

In this game you must try to place an injection at the right spot in your patients. they are very shaking and keep moving about, however, so you will have to be quick and accurate or you'll turn them into a pincushion.

8 / 10
Bone doctor

Oh no! the patient's bones have gotten all mixed up during surgery. Can you put them back in the right place again? And can you still do it with the patient in all kinds of strange poses?

8 / 10
Dexter's Lab

How far can you get through this click adventure in the genius Dexter's dangerous lab. Make sure to find all the objects you need to make it to the next level.

8 / 10
Fever Frenzy

A strange virus has broken out in the city. You've just become a doctor, but you're already facing a tough challenge: to cure the patients and invent a new medicine to cure the virus. Good luck!

8 / 10
Nurse Quest

Travel around the neighbourhood as a nurse and help all kind of people with their health problems. your problem is that the town is full of dangerous dogs and speeding cars. Try not to die om the way to your patients.

8 / 10

Can you lead all of the cells to the big blue cell? Click to attract the yellow cells and click again to stop attracting cells.

8 / 10
Small White Lymphocyte

As a white blood cell, or lymphocyte, you must protect the newly transplanted heart against all sorts of bacteria. Use the two special attack when they are fully loaded.

8 / 10
The Innards

In this game you have to stay alive in the intestinal tract. Collect the red bloodcells and dodge the green bacteria. Collext the pills for power ups, but not every pill brings something good.

8.3 / 10
Croco Microbe

Destroy all of the Croco microbes that try to attack and infect the call. Zap them with your gun. Use the lens to magnify your targets.

8 / 10

Have you always dreamed of becoming a doctor or a surgeon?

Here you can give it a try in one of our medicine games. Heal patients by removing virusses and performing surgeries. You don\'t even need to choose a field of medicine to specialize in, because we\'ve collected all sorts of medicine and surgery games for you in the overview below!

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