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Periodic Table Sniper

Per row of the periodic table you will get the elements in a random order. Use your rifle to shoot the right blocks in the table as fast as you can. Do you know all of the abbreviations?

5 / 10
Heart Surgery

In this game you are a surgeon, and you have to perform a heart transplant on a patient. Can you figure out how to use the surgical tools? The assistant will give you some hints.

7.9 / 10
2048 Bricks

Move the top bricks of the towers around and stack the bricks in the right order. Add up the matching numbers until you have 2048.

2 / 10
The Scale of the Universe

In this game you can zoom in and out on an immense scale. This way you can compare the size of all kinds of things in the universe. From the smallest particles to the largest objects in space! How's that for a sense of perspective!

8.4 / 10
States of America

Have you had enough practice already with these topography games? Find out if you can get a 100% score on the States of America with this fun topography game. Can you name them all?

8.2 / 10
World Map Game

This game is somewhere between a topography quiz and a jigsaw puzzle. Drag the countries on the right to the right place on the map. Though you can often tell by the shape of the country where it ought to go on the map, it helps a lot especially with the smaller countries if you already know approximately where it is.

8.1 / 10
Geo Genius Europe

How well do you know the countries of Europe? Revise for a test or just test your knowledge for fun in this Geo Genius game. Point out the different European countries on the map.

8 / 10
Periodic Table in a Minute

You get one minute to play. Try to find all the elements given in the periodic table. Find the matching abbreviation. It helps to know their position in the table too. How fast are you? How many can you identify within one minute?

7.3 / 10
Arm Surgery

The patient has a really badly broken arm. Can you perform the necessary surgery to make sure the bone heals properly? Fortunately your assistant will give you instructions.

7.3 / 10
Tingly Brain Trainer

Play all kinds of challenging mini games in this brain training game by Tingly. Can you complete each challenge and improve your memory and reaction time? Good luck playing!

8 / 10
Skin Surgery

This girl has had an accident and needs a skin transplant. You are the surgeon. You will be able to follow the instructions though. Pick the right instruments and use them in the right way.

8.1 / 10
Poke a Muscle

A fun and educational anatomy game. First you are shown the names of the different muscle groups. Can you find and click on the right ones in the timed quiz?

4.7 / 10
Periodic Table of Elements

Are you good at chemistry? Put your knowledge of the periodic table of elements to the test in this online game. Find the right element to match the given atomic mass. Can you get them all right?

6.9 / 10

How well do you know your way around Europe? Can you name all the European countries? A name will appear above the map. Can you find the matching country?

8 / 10
Word Up

Choose your language and look carefully at all the letters in the grid. Can you find all the hidden words? Complete the level objectives by clearing as many letters as you can. Good luck!

0 / 10
Animals Word Search

Can you find all the words hidden in the grid? Look carefully at the letters and you'll soon spot them! The words you must find are hidden below the grid.

8 / 10
Geo Genius Africa

How well do you know all the countries of Africa? Can you point them all out on the map? Try to fill in the whole map of Africa before the time runs out.

8 / 10
World Countries Quiz

In this geography game you can test your knowledge of the different countries of the world. But you can also play flag mode and see if you can guess the right flags!

8.2 / 10
Element Matching Game

Find the right chemical elements to match the descriptions. You can also read up on the properties of each group as they come by to learn more about them.

7.5 / 10

Can you draw a line transmitting the energy from the beginning to the endpoint in this game? Place the hexagons with the energy points in the right corners in the right spot in the puzzle.

8 / 10
Picross Madness

The numbers indicate which blocks you have to fill in per line in this Picross puzzle game. Can you complete all the puzzles by creating the pixel pictures?

8 / 10
Geo Genius USA

Do you know all the states of America? Whether you're revising for an exam or just testing your knowledge for fun, learn it all perfectly with Geo Genius.

7.8 / 10
Chemistry Arkanoid

Bounce the ball back with the paddle in this simple arkanoid game with a chemistry theme. The objective is to break all of the test tubes with the ball.

8 / 10
United States

How good it your topographical knowledge of the United States. Do you think you can name all 50 states on an unmarked map? Prove it with this fun online topography game!

5 / 10
Airballoons Wordsearch

Find all the words hidden in this wordsearch puzzle with airballoons in the background. Can you find them all? The words may appear in the puzzle horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

8 / 10
9 Game

Can you add up all the numbers to make 9? Make sure that at the end of the level you have only nines left. Can you finish all the levels?

8 / 10
Math Apocalypse

Are you good at maths? The aliens are coming, but keep a cool head. The only way to defeat them is by solving the sums floating over their heads! Can you do it?

8 / 10
The Periodic Table Quiz

Can you answer all the quiz questions about chemistry? For every correct answer given, you get to take a penalty shot on the soccer field!

8 / 10
Asia Countries

Can you name all of the Asian countries on this map? Another fun topography game for you to test and show off your knowledge. Try it now! Click on the country you think matches the name.

8 / 10
Maths Butterfly

Solve the little sums to change the caterpillars into butterflies. For each correctly answered sum a caterpillar grows a little bit more.

2 / 10
Where on Earth

Can you find all the architectural monuments on the map? Try to pin your flag as close as you can to the right location for the highest amount of points!

6.6 / 10
Africa Countries

Are you familiar with all the locations of the countries of Africa? Test your topographic knowledge in this great map game!

8 / 10
Lakes of the Middle East

Do you know the bodies of water in and around the Middle East? Can you point them out on the map? Test yourself and find out if you are ready for that geography test!

10 / 10
United States SVG

In this scalable vector graphics game you can test your topographical knowledge of the united states. Do you know all the states by heart?

8 / 10
Math Lines

Shoot the numbered marbles out of the line before they reach the end. Add up to 10 to knock the marbles out. If the marble in your cannon is 8, for instance, shoot a 2. If you have a 3, shoot a 7. Add up to 10 each time.

8 / 10
Asia Capitals

Test your topographical knowledge and find all of the Asian capitals on this map. Another great map game for you to practice for your geography exams, or just for fun.

7.8 / 10
10 is Again

In this maths game you have to get to 10 in each level using the different number blocks. Can you push the right blocks into each other. Use all the blocks to get make 10 the outcome.

8 / 10
Find the Cities

Find the cities on this world map. You will get to see the names of various cities all over the world. Can you pin your flags as close as possible to the right location?

8 / 10
25 Cities of Germany

Are you going on a holiday to Germany? This map quiz is a great way to get to know a little more about the country's topography. How many German cities do you know?

8.3 / 10
Benelux Cities

A tricky topography game. Can you link all of the cities of the Benelux with the right dots on this map? Have fun and good luck!

8 / 10
Captials of Europe 2

Can you find all the capital cities of the European countries on the map? You will also get some extra information on that city in the box next to the map. Very useful when studying for a topography test!

8 / 10
European Capitals

Can you link all the European capitals to the right dots on this map of Europe? Test your topographical knowledge in this fun map game!

8 / 10
Europe Map Test

Can you find all the right capital cities of Europe? Do you know where all the countries go? Test your knowledge with this fun Maps of Europe game

8 / 10
2048 Flash

Add up the numbers by sliding the boxes up against each other. You can only add identical numbers though! Can you get a 2048 box?

0 / 10
Battle Maths

Play away the bees. You have to stop them from attacking your farm by solving the sums and typing in the right answers. Can you do it?

8 / 10
A Mazen Math

Use the red square to collect all the numbers. Depending on the order in which you collect them the numbers will be added or subtracted. You have to try to set the count down to 0 with the last number.

8.3 / 10
The Countries of Africa

Do you know all the countries of Africa and where they are on the map? You will have to point out the right place on the map for every country that is named. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Famous Paintings Parody Quiz

In this game you will be shown all kinds of pictures. They are all parodies of famous paintings. But can you tell which paintings?

0 / 10
Math Tiles Puzzle

Solve the puzzle. Drag the pieces to the place marked with the right answer to the maths questions shown at the bottom of the screen. The questions are all multiplication questions. If you're not sure about your answer it can help to study the puzzle piece.

8 / 10
25 Cities France

Can you find the 25 biggest cities on this map of France. A city name is given, and you have to find it on the map. Do you know where all the cities are?

8 / 10
European Mountains and Rivers

Was naming the countries of Europe not enough of a challenge for you? Try this map game! Can you point out the location of Europe's biggest mountains and most important rivers?

8 / 10
Number Ninja

Help the number ninja sneak up on the other numbers and throw the right maths symbols at them to defeat them. Use the other numbers to come at the right number to exit the level.

8 / 10
Capitals of Africa

Can you find all the capitals of the African countries on the map? Look carefully and point out the right city. You get 3 tries. After that, the right answer will flash dark blue on the map. Can you get them all right?

8 / 10
Extreme Maths

Ski through the level and try to get down the slope. On your way some sums will appear. Give the right answer to the sums to move on down the slope.

8 / 10
Ink Battle

Learn to type quickly in this game. Type the words that appear on the screen to gather energy. When you have enough energy, type the names of the units you want to summon to defend your base.

8 / 10
Animals Hangman

Can you find all the secret words? Guess the letters that might be in the word. Don't guess too many wrong, or you will lose the game. Can you guess the word soon?

8 / 10
Jumping Spelling Adventure

Jump through the dangerous temple to get to the treasure. Press the right letter keys to jump to the next tile. Can you make it without getting zapped?

8 / 10
Map of Africa

Test your topographical knowlegde of Africa. Drag all of the names in the box to the right territories and see how many you got right. Have fun!

8 / 10
Master Gear

Click to place a chain around the cogwheels to connect them. Can you make all the cogs turn in the right direction? Your chain cannot cross!

8 / 10
Magnetism 2

Get the metal ball to land in the pocket in Magnetism 2, the sequel to Magentism. This version looks better than the previous game.

8 / 10
Math Shooter

Are you a sharp shooter at math? look at the sum at the top of the screen. Do you know the answer? Quickly find it among the numbers below and click on it as fast as you can. Test your skills here!

8 / 10
Count the Cubes

Can you count the cubes that come falling down? Some might be partially or entirely hidden behind and under other cubes, so look carefully and type in the right number each time.

8 / 10
Clean My Room

Help get the room cleaned up. Look carefully and discover where everything should go. If you don't know where to put something, click on hit for a picture of the clean room. Get moving, because the time is ticking!

8 / 10

Connect the dots with the different strands. Look at the numbers to see how many you have to draw to each point. Later on you will also have to use more than one colour.

6 / 10
25 Cities of Sweden

Are you going on a holiday to Sweden? This map quiz is a great way to find out a little bit more about the topography of the country. How many Swedish cities do you know?

8 / 10

Fill in the numbers and solve the puzzle. Numbers can't occur more than once per line or column, and they must all add up to the numbers displayed at the head of each column or line. Can you do it? Hover your mouse over the numbers given to see the sum options.

8 / 10
The Calculation Game

For a whole minute you will get a number of sums to solve. Work them out quickly and key in the correct answers. How many will you be able to solve within a minute.

8 / 10
Paintings Quiz 5

Look at all the funny parodies of famous paintings. Do you know which paintings are being spoofed? There are lots of funny puns to enjoy in this great game.

6 / 10

A simple story about love. Can you help the hearts to the exit? They all have to reach the exits at the same time. They all move at once though, so look carefully and be clever!

8 / 10
Airballoons Hangman

Play a game of hangman in this fun puzzle game with airballoons in the background. Can you guess the letters and find the secret word? Don't make too many mistakes! When the background picture is fully faded, it's game over!

8 / 10

Add up the numbers in the grid until you get the number ten each time. Make sure you don't go over ten or you lose the game. Mostly you will have to add numbers up, although there are some small subtraction sums too.

8 / 10
Alpine Flowers Hangman

Try to guess all the letters right in this game of hangman until you have figured out what the secret word is. Try not to make too many mistakes.

8 / 10
Age of Wonder

Help Eratosthenes, the head librarian, spread knowledge to all of the people by throwing scrolls at the unhappy people. Free education for all will surely make them happy!

8 / 10
Famous Paintings Quiz 3

In this funny quiz about art you have to guess on which famous painting the cartoon parodies are based. Can you guess them all? This is part three in the successful game series.

8 / 10
Boogie Numberland

Play Boogie Numberland now!

8 / 10
Germ Hunter

Can you find all the hotspots for germs to hide and accumulate around the house? Think carefully about what items and places get dirty quickest? What do you touch most often? Remote controls, buttons, faucets... Clean then quickly, before the germs can spread.

6 / 10

Can you solve all the sums? Select the right numbers from the grid and put them in the right box. Submit your answers when you have made all the formulas work.

0 / 10
World of Science

You have to try to live as sustainably as you can on this little planet. Keep everything in good shape with smart upgrades. Build vegetable patches and generate your own electricity through wind and solar power. You can do some work on all kinds of interesting topics in the shed to each money for more upgrades.

0 / 10
Match a Number

Add, subtract, and multiply the numbers to get the right answer. Can you connect the right numbers?

Blue = Add up

Red = Subtract

Yellow = Multiply

0 / 10
Brain Training Maths Game

Can you solve all the maths questions? You will have to choose the right symbols to make the sums work. For each question choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

0 / 10
Hieroglyph Puzzle

Can you translate the words into hieroglyphs? Look carefully at the example letters given below and drag the right symbols into the slots from the row under the empty cells.

0 / 10
Smart Dicer

Roll the dice so that they end up with on the right square within as few moves as possible. You also have to make sure the right amount of pips are facing up.

0 / 10

Drop the blocks and play away all the numbers. For each hit, one is subtracted until nothing is left. Don't let the blocks stack up too high!

0 / 10

The puzzles in this game are made up of a bunch of overlapping unfolded dice. Some numbers between 1 and 6 are already given. Can you figure out the correct position of the other numbers?

0 / 10
Carpenter's Cut

In this game you have to cut up all the wooden planks for the carpenter. Can you get all the measurements right? Look carefully!

0 / 10
Paintings Parody Quiz 4

In this game you have to guess which famous paintings all the parody pictures are based on. Look carefully. Can you recognise on which famous paintings these funny drawings are based?

0 / 10
Sweet Sevens

Count to 7 by adding up the numbered candy blocks. Can you fill the little monster's belly? You can use two or more pieces of candy. Exchange the bonus candies when you run out of ways to make 7.

0 / 10

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