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Ben 10

Ben 10 Motorbike

Race through the levels on your motorbike and grab all the Omnitrix icons with Ben Tennyson from the popular cartoon series Ben 10. Make sure you don't lose your balance and crash the bike!

8 / 10
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Rescue

In this game you are Ben Tennyson from Ben 10. You have to try to find and rescue the other aliens. Transform from Swampfire into Ultimate Swampfire and defeat all of the guards.

8.7 / 10
Ben 10 Cave Adventure

Find your way through the dark caves with Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 tv series. Watch out, because if you fall into the fire or get hit by a monster you die right away! Try to find the bullets and the jetpack first!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Moto Ride

Drive around on your motorbike with Ben 10 and try to make it safely to the end of the trail each time. Try to stay balanced on the bike and don't crash.

0 / 10
Ben 10 Hilltop Drive

Drive down the hilly road with Ben Tennyson from the series Ben 10. Can you grab all the icons? If you fall off your motorbike you will have to start over...

8 / 10
Ben 10 Hero Matrix

In this fun game you get to create your own Ben 10 style alien. What kind of monster would you like to be able to transform into? You get to choose the shapes, limbs, and the colours!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Cavern Run

Ben 10 is running through the caves. Try to grab all the coins and then head for the exit. Quickly draw a line for Ben to run on, otherwise he'll fall down!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Dragon War

Go on an adventure with Ben Tennyson from the cartoon series Ben 10. Ride a dragon and other magical animals and try to defeat your opponents in the duels. You will collect points by winning. Use those points to buy upgrades.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Savage Pursuit

In this Fun Ben 10 adventure you have to help Ben to stop Dr Animo. This evil scientist wants to unleash his mutant monsters on the world. Stop him before it's too late. Use your alien transformations to get past the obstacles.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Car Scene

Put together a cool picture. You can choose characters from Ben 10, including Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max, some of Ben's transformations, and some matching alien cars!

8 / 10
Ben 10 vs Robots

Get past the evil robots and get to the exit in every level of this Ben 10 game. You have your rocket skateboard, unfortunately the game is not that easy to control.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle

Play a fun jigsaw puzzle game with characters from the television series Ben 10! Can you complete the pictures by putting all the pieces in the right place?

0 / 10
Ben 10 ATV Quad

Drive around on a quad with Ben Tennyson from the hit cartoon series Ben 10! Jump and do tricks for extra points with this cartoon hero, and try to collect all the Omnitrix icons!

0 / 10
Ben 10 and the Ghost

Play a fun snowboard game with Ben Tennyson from the cartoon series Ben 10. Race down the piste and try to stay ahead of the ghost! Jump over the rocks and other obstacles and make sure you don't fall!

0 / 10
Ben 10 Speedy Runner

Run and jump from platform to platform with Ben Tennyson, the hero of the popular cartoon series Ben 10! Can you grab the crystals and reach the finish?

0 / 10
Ben 10 Bubble Shooter

Shoot the bubbles and try to make combinations and clear the field. You only get one change against each villain to get as high a score as possible. Can you defeat the monster boss with your top scores?

5 / 10
Ben 10 Demon Hunter

Escape from the evil demon planet in your tank. Shoot all the aliens and monsters that attack you on the way. At the end of the level you will have to beat the boss.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Dress Up

In this game you get to dress up the hero Ben Tennyson from the cartoon series Ben 10! You can try on all kind of different outfits. Choose the ones you think look the best!

8.5 / 10
Ben 10 Space Battles

Fly around in a spaceship with Ben tennyson from the Ben 10 cartoon series and shoot down all the aliens that are trying to attack you. They sometimes drop an upgrade icon. Try to grab those for more powerful fireblasts!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Dragon

Ride the dragon with Ben from the cartoon series Ben 10. Can you shoot all of your enemies and dodge their shots as well as the other obstacles? Give it a try!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Alien

Can you spot all the differences between these sets of pictures from the cartoon series Ben 10? Look closely to find the subtle differences between the two images in each level.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Puzzels

In this game you get to choose between a number of different Ben 10 puzzles. Which one will you try first? You'll get to see the complete picture, and then you'll have to put the pieces back in the right place. Have fun!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Jeep

Race through the fields and across the hills and try to grab all of the Ben 10 balloons! Use the nitro boost for extra speed and higher jumps. Make sure you don't crash the jeep!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Long Bow

Shoot the balloons with your bow and your arrows. Shoot together with Ben Tennyson, the hero of the Ben 10 cartoon series! Can you hit all of the balloons? You get to miss five times.

8 / 10
Magic Puzzle

Piece together the puzzles from the series Ben 10 before the time runs out. Can you do it? You get to choose from lots of different pictures!

8 / 10
Ben10 Master of Flames

Try to shoot down the evil aliens in this Ben 10 game. Can you make it to the finish with Heatblast? You can shoot fire and throw bombs!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Kart

Race against different characters from the popular cartoon series Ben 10. You have a laser cannon you can use to temporarily slow your opponents down. But watch out! They all have a laser cannon too!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Top Gun

In this game you're flying a plane with Ben from Ben 10. Shoot all the alien UFOs coming at you and make sure they don't hit you and knock you out.

7.3 / 10
Blockade Blitz

Break the blocks with Ben 10 and use the power of the onmitrix. Retrieve the pieces of this alien device that helps Ben transform into aliens with special powers. Use these powers to complete the levels.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Airstrikes

Fly around in a plane with Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 TV series. Watch out for the evil aliens flying in front of you. They'll try to shoot you down. Dodge their shots and shoot back, but above all make sure they don't crash into you!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Armored Attack

Drive around in an armoured jeep with Ben Tennyson from the famous Ben 10 cartoons! You're under attack from a number of bad guys. Shoot back and collect the coins they drop. Don't forget to look where you're driving!

8 / 10
Ben 10 BMX

Race through the level with your BMX and Ben Tennyson, the hero from the Ben 10 tv series. Try to get ahead of your opponents and make sure you don't crash!

8 / 10
Ben 10 Critical Impact

A meteor is about to strike the earth! Transform into Heatblast to shoot down the burning space rocks, and transform into Ghostfreak to fly through the obstacles.

8 / 10
Ben 10 Alien Balls

Ben Tennyson, the hero of the Ben 10 TV series, has found a crypt with Vilgax creature eggs! Quick, play them away in groups of three or more before there's too many of them. Act too slow and they'll hatch and all will be lost! Are you up to this adventure?

2 / 10
Ben 10 Alien Hunter

Help Ben 10 catch the escaped alien criminal. Fly around in your space pod and dodge the alien's attacks. Shoot the missiles and the satellites. Can you catch up with the bad guy?

2 / 10
Ben 10 Halloween Night

Ben Tennyson, the hero of the Ben 10 cartoon series, wants to bake a pumpkin pie for Gwen as a Halloween treat. Can you help Ben collect enough pumpkins? fly on your broom and watch out for the bats!

0 / 10
Ben 10 Top Gun 2

Vilgax has kidnapped Grandpa Max! Help Ben Tennyson, the hero of the Ben 10 cartoon series, to defeat the evil villain and rescue Grandpa Max!

0 / 10
Ben 10 Power Dive

Dive under water with Ben from Ben 10 and eat the bubbles. Change into an insect and shoot the bad guys in the boat while dodging the grenades.

0 / 10

Ben 10

Ben 10 is a popular cartoon series developed by Cartoon Network Studios. the main character is Ben, an ordinary boy who finds a watch during a camping holiday. It turns out that this watch is the Omnitrix, an alien device that wraps itself around Ben\'s wrist and allows him to transform into all kinds of different alien shapes, such as Four Arms, Heatblast, and Upgrade. Ben is supposed to use these new superpowers to fight evil, but he sometimes also uses them to pull pranks on people... However, lots of other aliens are after the Omnitrix with worse intentions. Not only does Ben have to fight them off, but it becomes apparent that not all the alien forms in the Omnitrix are that friendly, for instance the alien Ghostfreak...

Play Ben 10 Games

With a series this popular it is no surprise that there are official games as well as a lot of fan-made ones out there. Are you a big Ben 10 fan too? You can play a number of great Ben 10 games here, starring Ben and the Omnitrix. Transform along with Ben and defeat the bad guys! We\'ve put all the best Ben 10 games in this easy overview for you, so you can pick your favourites and start playing right away!

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