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4 in a row

Connect 4
Connect 4 is a four in a row game built with Scalable Vector Graphics. Enjoy the smooth design of this game and play 4 in a row with a friend.
8 / 10
Four in a row
Play four in a row against the computer. Drop the chips into the blue rack and try to line up three in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally before the computer manages to get four in a row.
8 / 10
4 in a Row
Play Four-In-A-Row with a friend in multiplayer mode, or beat the computer at getting 4 in a row.
8 / 10
Sky Boy
Clean all of the windows until they sparkle, but watch out for the people in the flat who occasionally open the windows. If you hit one you'll fall all the way down.
8 / 10
Jelly Madness
Connect all the Jellies in this Jelly Madness game!
0 / 10

Can you outsmart the computer in these 4-in-a-row games?

This is where you\'ll find four-in-a-row games. Try to line up four identical objects in a row - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - to score points and win the game.

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