Build a Robot 3

Build your own robot in this game. You can choose all the robot parts you think look coolest and piece them together to make a robotic creation of your own.

8.1 / 10
Judy Hopps Easter Preparations

Judy Hopps Easter Preparations is the fun party prep game that lets you see to every detail so Judy’s Zootopia Easter celebration will be the most amazing ever. Start by designing colorful Easter eggs. Then decorate the party room with banners and other festive finery and lay out a beautiful buffet table. One final thing: don’t forget a great party outfit for Judy.

0 / 10
Teapot Colouring Picture

Colour in this picture of a little girl and her tea set. Give the teapot, cups and saucers, and the room any colour you like, and see what colours look best on her dress and party hat.

8 / 10
Whistle with Snow White

Snow white and the seven dwarfs love to make music. Watch them play and then copy their music exactly. Is your memory sound enough?

8 / 10
Sofia the First - A Day at Royal Prep

Sofia the First - A Day at Royal Prep is an enchanting fantasy game! Sofia’s class schedule is full of magic and fun. Make potions, play dazzle ball and explore enchanted paintings and Royal Prep!

6.7 / 10

Build a castle, a village and an army full of knights and you're ready to conquer the world of!

0 / 10
Singing easter eggs

Here's a crazy, fun game. Try to make music by clicking on the easter eggs to make them sing. Lots of silly easter fun.

8 / 10
The Simpsomaker

Change this Simpsons character in whoever you like. You can change it from head to toe. Create your own Simpsons character in the Simpsomaker.

8 / 10
Emmanuelle Dress Up

Give Emmanulle some wonderful clothes. Pick a great outfit for her to wear, because she's on a big cruise ship about to depart on a fabulous trip!

8 / 10
Freshman Party at Princess College

Dress to impress everyone on campus in the dress-up game Freshman Party at Princess College! Elsa and Ariel want to welcome the new arrivals with a party they’ll never forget. Help the girls with the party preparations. Then pick out the perfect party look for each princess and send them out to make new friends!

0 / 10
Kardashians Graduation

Who'd have thought it? In the game Kardashians Graduation, four of the Kardashian sisters have finished college and they are all graduating at the same time. This calls for a huge party! Make sure the girls are all wearing their party dresses and pretty shoes under their graduation gowns, because they'll be heading straight to the party as soon as the ceremony is over. You can give the girls ribbons with funny graduation slogans, and a glass of wine or champagne to toast to the occasion!

0 / 10
Coachella Hairstyles

Coachella Hairstyles lets you design the perfect festival outfit for this festival girl. Wash her hair, then choose a hairstyle – everything from colour to style and accessories. Then pick an outfit that strikes just the right balance between fashion and festival comfort.

0 / 10
Kill Time in Your Office

Try to complete as many of the time killing distractions as you can, but keep an eye out for the boss. Whenever the boss passes by, quickly click on the computer and pretend you're working.

8 / 10
Sofy's Summer Camp

Halp Sofy take good care of the kids at her summer camp. Help them play and make sure they stay happy until they are picked up again.

8.2 / 10
Bob Polonaise

Bob is the designated driver. De the Bob and go round the various rooms of the party collecting all your designated drunks by dancing the polonaise. Lead them out safely without hitting any of the obstacles.

8 / 10
Suzie's Salon

Make sure all the customers leave Suzie's salon happy. They may want to get a hair cut, but they might also have come in to get their legs waxed. Find out what your customer wants and make sure they leave feeling happy and beautiful.

8 / 10
Avatar Painting

Colour in this picture of the characters from the movie Avatar. Of course, in the movie they are all blue, but if you prefer another colour that's fine too. You can colour this picture however you like.

8 / 10
Music Blox

In this game you can make some music using the sound blocks. Click on the blocks to find out what kind of sounds they make. This way you can create a pattern.

8 / 10
Dino Evolution

Use your dino cards and evolve your creatures so that yours are the strongest. Defeat your opponents with your dinosaurs. Play the best cards and win.

8.1 / 10
Simba Puzzle

Can you complete this puzzle? It's a pictue of Simba and other characters from the Disney movie The Lion King. Can you find the right place for each piece of the puzzle?

0 / 10

Why so serious?

These games are all about making you laugh. Perform humorous surgeries, or pimp your car, or make celebrities do silly things. Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as a Simpsons or South Park character? Design yourself one, or make some for your friends for laughs. There are many other fun games collected in this overview besides. We've selected the best picture colouring games and dress-up games. Mix and match the best colours and clothing styles. Do a fashion make-over, or dress up a famous cartoon character, such as SpongeBob Squarepants. Amusement guaranteed!

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