Princess Spring Shopping Sale
Princess Spring Shopping Sale is here, and it’s going to be amazing! The sales are on at the mall, and you get to accompany these princesses on a fabulous shopping spree. Help them choose the shops to go to, then select from adorable dresses and other outfits to create fabulous new spring looks for these ladies.
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Princess Color Run
In Princess Color Run, princesses Elsa, Cinderella, Mulan, and Moana are all getting ready to participate in the Color Run as a team. Can you help the girls pick a cute outfit? The Color Run is a festive race, so choose some brightly colored and funny accessories to complete their outfits.
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Sexy Girl 3
Help this girl pick a nice outfit. Make sure she looks great when she goes to show off the outfit you picked to all of her friends when you are done.
8 / 10
Princesses at Met Gala Ball
Princesses at Met Gala Ball is the highlight of the social season, and you are the stylist for three princesses – Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. Give each princess her own glamourous look with a stunning gown, hairstyle and accessories, then bask in glory as they show off your creations on the red carpet.
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Ariel and the Mysterious Perfume
Ariel has desperately been trying to catch Eric's eye in the makeover game Ariel and the Mysterious Perfume. Unfortunately, so far Eric hasn't taken much notice. Help Ariel and her pal Anna brew a special perfume. They want to tailor the scent to Eric, so that they can draw him away from his friends, the other princes. Can you mix the right ingredients? Ariel doesn't want ALL the princes to come running after her...
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New Year Eve Party
It's time for the Arendelle New Year Eve Party, and Anna and Elsa want to dress spectacularly for this big ball. Can you help the two girls sort through the collection of dresses and pick the best ones? Once you have chosen a dress, you can look for some matching accessories to complete the ensemble. How about an elegant stole and a cute purse? Even if you can't always see them peek out from under each dress, you will need to select a pretty pair of shoes as well.
0 / 10
Druid Princess
In this game you get to try on all kinds of outfits with this druid fairy princess. What kind of outfits will you choose? She also has a crown and beautiful weapons, and a pet animal of course!
8 / 10
Moose to the Moon
Try to get the moose to the moon using the rocket. Mount the rocket, collect money and buy upgrades to blast the moose all the way over there.
8 / 10
In this game you can give this girl a whole new look. You can change her make up, lenses, hairstyle, you name it. What look will you go for?
8 / 10
Help the Railway
It's Autumn and the leaves are turning brown and falling on to the tracks. Too many leaves on the tracks means the trains can't pass, so help the railway service by keeping the rails clean and clear the leaves.
8 / 10
Cast a Spell
Make sure all the men are blown away by your beauty. Flirt with them on the sly when none of the other women is looking. Can you make them all fall in love with you?
8 / 10
Justin Bieber Dress Up
In this game you get to be Justin Bieber's personal stylist. Can you dress him up for his performamces? You can try on all kinds of clothes and accessories!
8 / 10
Hotdog Hotshot
Prepare hotdogs for your customers. Try to be as quick as you can to keep your customers happy. Watch out you don't burn the hotdogs!
2 / 10
What Disaster Are You?
If you were a natural disaster, which one would you be? Take the quiz and find out which natural disaster you are. Have fun!
8 / 10
Vintage Glam Double Wedding
Help Ariel and Anna get ready for their double wedding in Vintage Glam Double Wedding. Can you help the two girls select cute 1920s vintage wedding dresses and bridal accessories so that they can each marry their dream prince in style.
0 / 10
Circus Zebra
Guide James the Circus Zebra across trampolines, tightropes and trapezes in order to save abused animals. The game mocks it's own simple design, the the animation is smooth and humorous (James trots prances like a dressage horse), the controls very manageable, and the game is really fun.
8 / 10
Beyonce and JLO Dress Up
It's not a perfect match, but it's JLO and Beyonce. And together they have a whole lot of clothes to try on. Can you pick out a nice outfit for both of them?
8 / 10
Princesses at After Christmas Sale
The Christmas rush is over, and in the fashion game Princesses at After Christmas Sale it's time for a big sale at the mall. You don't have to tell Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White twice, because these girls love shopping for bargains. Head over to their three favorite stores and try on all the sale items. You can shop for evening dresses, cool rock and punk clothing, and more. Check out the different stores and try on all the different dresses, skirts, shirts, tights, shoes, and accessories with the three fashion-conscious princesses!
0 / 10
Anna Social Media Butterfly
Anna Social Media Butterfly is a dress up game in which it’s your job to get the princess ready for social media! Princess Anna is always posting pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so her followers won’t miss a second of her glamorous life. Put together a couple of cute outfits for her to wear when she goes out, and wow Anna's friends and fans with your excellent taste!
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Easter Cookies
Easter Cookies are one of the best parts about the holiday. Bake your own in this online game. Prepare the batter, then chill it so it’s just right for cutting into fun Easter shapes. Put the cookies in the oven for baking, then once they’re ready finish them off with brilliant Easter colors and designs.
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These games are all about making you laugh. Perform humorous surgeries, or pimp your car, or make celebrities do silly things. Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as a Simpsons or South Park character? Design yourself one, or make some for your friends for laughs. There are many other fun games collected in this overview besides. We've selected the best picture colouring games and dress-up games. Mix and match the best colours and clothing styles. Do a fashion make-over, or dress up a famous cartoon character, such as SpongeBob Squarepants. Amusement guaranteed!

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