Why so serious?

These games are all about making you laugh. Perform humorous surgeries, or pimp your car, or make celebrities do silly things. Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as a Simpsons or South Park character? Design yourself one, or make some for your friends for laughs. There are many other fun games collected in this overview besides. We've selected the best picture colouring games and dress-up games. Mix and match the best colours and clothing styles. Do a fashion make-over, or dress up a famous cartoon character, such as SpongeBob Squarepants. Amusement guaranteed!

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Princesses at Met Gala Ballnew
Princesses at Met Gala Ball is the highlight of the social season, and you are the stylist for three princesses – Snow White, Belle and Cinderella. Give each princess her own glamourous look with a stunning gown, hairstyle and accessories, then bask in glory as they show off your creations on the red carpet.
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Coachella Hairstylesnew
Coachella Hairstyles lets you design the perfect festival outfit for this festival girl. Wash her hair, then choose a hairstyle – everything from colour to style and accessories. Then pick an outfit that strikes just the right balance between fashion and festival comfort.
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Doll Coloring Booknew
Color in all the pictures of the doll girls in Doll Coloring Book. They're going about their days as usual, hanging out together, getting dolled up, and daydreaming about the cute buys they want to date. Use the brush to select the colorful paints, and tap the areas you want to color in.
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Princesses and Pets Photo Contestnew
Princesses and Pets Photo Contest is a good-natured competition between two princesses to see who can get the most ‘likes’ for their selfie, and they want you to design their selfies. Pick a pick for each princess, then a cute outfit, hairstyle and accessories. Finally, choose a selfie background, snap the photos, and let the ‘likes’ roll in!
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Princess All White Night Party
Help the girls get ready to party in Princess All White Night Party! The dress code for the amazing party Mulan, Moana, and Jasmine are going to is white clothing only. Help the princesses look through their closets to find a selection of beautiful white dresses, shirts, skirts, and trousers to try on. Which outfit do you think looks best on each girl? Choose a pair of matching heels and accessories.
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Pie Realife Cooking
Pie Realife Cooking is a fun way to bake a pie without all the mess in the kitchen. Slice your fruits – you’re going to need a lot; this is quite the pie you’re making – then place the pieces in a pie shell that’s already been prepared. Bake the whole thing off in the oven, then complete your delicious treat with candy and whipped cream garnish.
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Fun Girls Night
Fun Girls Night is a fun makeover game in which you get to design a new look for three friends and help them have a fun night at home. They’ve decided to spend the evening creating social media stories, so to help them prepare for selfies, choose a cute outfit for each girl, then help them create quick but flattering makeup looks.
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Belle Fantasy Look
Belle Fantasy Look puts you and Belle together in the School of Wizardry. She’ll help you find your house, and you help her prepare for classes with a makeover. Take a brief test that will tell you which house you’re in, then it’s Belle’s turn. Give her stunning makeup and a brilliant outfit so she’ll be the most stylish witch on campus.
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Cinderella Shopping World
Cinderella Shopping World is your chance to create a stylish makeover for one of the world’s most famous princesses and have your choices rated. There are two criteria, originality and style, so choose carefully from coloured contacts, hairstyles, and outfits so Cinderella wins top style marks.
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Ariana Grande’s Sneaker Designer
Ariana Grande’s Sneaker Designer is the fab design game where you get to create the perfect pair of sneakers for Ariana. Choose from a wide range of colors and paint the sneakers until you have them exactly the way you want them. Once they’re ready, choose a fabulous outfit for Ariana that will help her show off your creation.
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Barbie Galaxy Faces
Barbie Galaxy Faces is a makeover game that is out of this world. Barbie and her friends are dying for a makeover and you are the stylist. First, choose your model, then give her a dazzling new makeup look with glitter and a host of other elements. Finally, color her hair with a shade that matches her fabulous new look.
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Monster High Ear Doctor
Monster High Ear Doctor is your chance to treat two monster BFFs who are both suffering hearing loss. Pick your patient, Purrsehone or Meowlody, repair the damage to restore her hearing, then clean out all the unbelievable stuff that has built up in her ears. No wonder she can’t hear! Once her ears are good as new, give her a new outfit to match.
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Princess Spring Shopping Sale
Princess Spring Shopping Sale is here, and it’s going to be amazing! The sales are on at the mall, and you get to accompany these princesses on a fabulous shopping spree. Help them choose the shops to go to, then select from adorable dresses and other outfits to create fabulous new spring looks for these ladies.
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Princesses Lifestyle: Cozy & Active
Princesses Lifestyle: Cozy & Active is a fun makeover game in which you choose two outfits for these princesses, one for a cozy day lying around the house and one for a day out. Choose from comfy pajamas, loungewear and fluffy pillows for home, and colorful active wear for their fun day out.
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Princess Tinder Wars
Princess Tinder Wars is the fun makeover in which you must help Moana, Elsa and Cinderella in their competition to see who can get the most Tinder matches. Help each princess create their Tinder profile with alluring selfies and cool profile descriptions, then let the best princess win!
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Coloring Book - Animals
Coloring Book – Animals lets you be the artist painting animals with all the colors of the rainbow. Choose from bunnies, dogs, bears and other critters and paint them in whatever colors you like best. You can even download and print your pictures when you’re ready.
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Mommy Goes Shopping
Mommy Goes Shopping a fun shopping game that lets you help a mother-to-be buy all the things she needs for her new baby. First, help her work to earn the money she needs, then head with her to the baby shop and choose onesies, snuggly sleepwear, nappies and other necessities. If you still need more stuff, go back to work and earn more money.
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The Best Winter Couple
The Best Winter Couple competition is on. Can you dress the three Disney couples to determine who wears the best winter fashion? Dress up Jack Frost and Elsa, Aladdin and Jasmine, and Flynn and Rapunzel in matching winter clothing.
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Princesses Paris Shopping Spree
Elsa and Rapunzel are hunting for the best of Parisian fashion in the dress-up game Princesses Paris Shopping Spree. Can you help the girls select a cute dress and some classy accessories to go with it?
10 / 10
Elsa Time Travel
Disguise the intrepid time traveler Elsa so that she won't stand out too much in the dress-up game Elsa Time Travel. The Frozen princess must disguise herself as a 18th century and 19th century lady, and try on some 20th century fashion as well.
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