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Flying Machines

Do you like flying in a plane or jet? Then maybe the airline industry has an interesting job for you! Whether you are flying domestic or international, there is a whole organisation behind your trip. Air traffic controllers, for example, make sure planes won't bump into each other and cause accidents during take off and landing. Stewards and stewardesses make sure you're comfortable on board your flight, and airport security looks after your safety.

Ready for take off?

Have you always dreamt of becoming a pilot, flight attendant, or air traffic controller? This is your chance! First choose you vehicle of choice, jet, helicopter, airbus, or regular plane. Then become a hero by landing a plane on the Hudson, shooting parachutes from the air to win the war, or shooting a rocket for fun.

Protect the war
Shoot all the parachutes from the sky with your plane. Play protect the war and win the war!
7.7 / 10
Hero On The Hudson
Make a great emergency landing on the Hudson river and become the king among pilots.
8.7 / 10
Sky Fighters
Fly alongside the medical supplies plane and defend it against the attackers. Can you shoot them all down?
8.7 / 10
Can you land the plane in one go. I's quite tricky. Try it and see it you can manage to do it.
8.8 / 10
Air Adventure
Fly the plane and make sure you don't hit anything. How far can you fly without crashing?
7.8 / 10
Draw On Yourself
You will need a webcam for this game. You will appear on screen. You can draw on your own picture.
7.6 / 10
Airport Madness 2
Coordinate all the flights at the airport. Let the planes take off and land without accidents.
8.8 / 10
Airport Madness
Do you have what it takes to become air traffic controller? Let the planes land and take off smoothly.
9.0 / 10
Iron Man 2
Fly around with the super hero Iron Man and try to shoot the bad guys without getting hit too often.
8.2 / 10
Mosquito Trouble
For this game you will need a webcam. Swat the mosquitoes away as you see them come at you.
7.4 / 10
Barrel Roll
Shoot everyone you come across with your airplane. Make sure nobody hits you and you stay in the air.
8.0 / 10
Ash Air
Fly your plane to the next city and arrive safely by blasting every enemy you meet out of the sky.
8.3 / 10
Jet Game
Shoot as many Aliens as possible...use the arrows.
8.0 / 10
Wallace and Gromit Helicopter Adven
Fly the chopper with Wallace and Gromit and find the orange boxes and parts to build a secret machine.
8.4 / 10
Lego Expedition 2
In this Great Mountain pursuit you have to reach the top in your hot-air balloon.
7.6 / 10
Airplane Launch 2
Try to launch the odd little plane with your friend in it and make it fly as far as you can.
8.4 / 10
Sky Fire Fighter
Fly your airbus over the lake and forest. Try to stop the fire.
8.2 / 10
Jet Velocity 3D
Try to win the race with your jet plane against various other jet planes. Be the first to cross the finish!
8.7 / 10
Stunt Pilot
Fly your plane through the loops and do all kinds of other stunts to finish the levels in this game.
8.4 / 10
Hawx 2
Fly through the air in your jet plane and shoot all of your enemies out to the sky.
8.5 / 10
Skies of War
Fight an aerial battle with the airforce. You start out with a fighter aircraft, but unlock more soon!
9.4 / 10
Stunt Pilot 2
Fly your plane through the hoops and make sure you reach the finish of every level before your opponent does.
7.8 / 10
Nebula 44
Nebula 44 is a free 2 play sci-fi game. Start on a small planet and free yourself from your alien overlords!
10.0 / 10
Snakes on a Plane
Snakes on a plane!!! Shoot them all, cause in this game you're Samuel L. Jackson!
9.7 / 10
Airport Mania 2
Can you manage the airport properly and make sure all landings and takeoffs run smoothly?
8.5 / 10
Aladdin Wild Ride
Help the Magic Carpet bring Disney hero Aladdin to a safe spot away from the lava. Can you keep safe?
8.7 / 10
Are you a good pilot and able to keep the TU-95 in the air? Play this airplane game!
8.9 / 10
Airport Tycoon
Can you run an airport? Should you invest in runways or coffee shops? You decide.
9.0 / 10
Storm Race
Fly with an airplane. You have to manoeuvre through the rings. Can you do it without crashing.
8.0 / 10
Flight of the Museum
Collect all of the golden ingots from the museum. Use your plane to find the way out and escape.
9.3 / 10
Dress Your Stewardess
You get to pick out the clothes, hats and accessories of the stewardess on your flight.
7.8 / 10
Flying Zombie
Sling the zombie through the level and try to get as far as you can. Buy upgrades to help you get further.
9.6 / 10
It's one minute to midnight on new year's eve. Can you make the fireworks pop in that last minute?
7.6 / 10
Family Flights
Make sure the flight company keeps running. Are you a good flight attendant? Fasten you seatbelts.
8.6 / 10
Infiltrating the Airship
Can you take over the airship? You will have to make the right decisions to succeed! Can you do it?
8.2 / 10
Sling through the level and try to make it to the end. Let go of the rope at the right moment for a big jump.
9.1 / 10
Potty Racers 2
A nicer-looking and more extensive version of the original game. Fly far and make it to the end.
9.0 / 10
Just like IndestructoTank, but this time you fly a helicopter!
9.3 / 10
Five 'Til
Fly around in a helicopter and continue on foot once you have carried out a landing and a flying mission.
7.8 / 10
Spyro the Dragon
Fly trough a cave with your dragon! Make sure not to hit the walls.
10.0 / 10
Zombie Canyon
Shoot all the zombies down in the canyon from above in your helicopter.
7.4 / 10
In this game you are flying a small plane. Can you dodge all the pillars and fly to safety?
10.0 / 10
Magic Rings
Fly through all of the rings. Can you aim well enough to make it? The gold ring marks the end.
10.0 / 10
Krass Air
Can you land the airplane on the landing strip. You will have to aim carefully to get it just right.
10.0 / 10
Time Fighter
Battle the aliens in five different periods and time zones in Time Fighter!
5.5 / 10
Sim Air Traffic
Manage all the traffic at the airport. Make the airports take off, land, or circle to avoid crashes.
9.6 / 10
Cloud Powered Jetpack
Fly from cloud to cloud with your jetpack, because it's cloud-powered! Can you stay in the air?
9.8 / 10
Ben 10 Top Gun
You're in an aeroplane with Ben 10. Shoot all the evil alien UFOs coming at you.
9.3 / 10
Santa Run 3
Fly through the air with Father Christmas. This time not in a sleigh, but using a supersonic jetpack!
6.0 / 10
Pilot Training
Learn to fly your own little biplane. Carry out all kinds of missions collecting and dodging things!
6.7 / 10
Sky Machine
Fly through the level and land in one piece. You can select the speed and direction.
9.1 / 10
Brink of Apokolipse
Save the world from Dark Seid with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.
6.0 / 10
Battle Over Berlin
Fly a biplane in the first world war. No lasers and missiles, just a good old machine guns.
8.0 / 10
Naval Fighter
Choose a fighter jet and shoot at all of the enemy planes, boats, and supplies.
6.5 / 10
Fly through the levels and stick to the assignments. Destroy lots of things and win.
8.0 / 10
Alien Abduction 2
Beam up as many cows, sheep and people from the planet earth. In this game you play the alien!
7.3 / 10
Iron Maiden Flight 666
Drop the speaker boxes from the plane close to the people below so that they can turn up the music.
10.0 / 10
Eruption Disruption
Fly around with the airplane and dodge all the vulcanic ash bursting into the sky. Can you fly past the cloud?
10.0 / 10
Fly Spray
Spray all of the flies so that they drop down and die. Keep spraying and don't let them attack you.
5.4 / 10
Rocket Launcher
Shoot the rocket into the air and try to make as much money as you can to upgrade for the next round!
9.0 / 10
Learn to Fly 2
Try to fly as far as you can with the penguin. You can save up to buy upgrades after every turn.
9.3 / 10
Air Battle
Fly around in a balloon and shoot down the obstacles and other balloons.
10.0 / 10
Captain Rat
Launch the rat as far as you can and make sure it flies far away. Try to upgrade when you can.
10.0 / 10
Avoid the blocks in CubeField. This is a high speed racing game!
10.0 / 10
Flying Steel
Fly through the levela and shoot everything and everyone. Aim carefully and dodge their shots.
6.0 / 10
Skyfire 2
Fly through the sky and try to take out all of your opponents without getting hit. Can you get them all.
10.0 / 10
Amigo Pancho 4
Amigo Pancho has a date in the mountains in Tibet. Can you make sure he reaches the top in one piece?
10.0 / 10
Drakojan Skies Acolytes
Pilot your spaceship through vast halls and past enemies.
10.0 / 10
A Windy Day
Throw away the paper plane and make sure it flies as far possible. Make it hit the balloons.
7.8 / 10
The Big Game
Complete all the levels in the Big Game. Find the people and lead them safely to your hot air balloon.
9.0 / 10
Rocket Flight
Cross as large a distance as you can with your penguin. Mount the rocket and go as far as you can!
10.0 / 10
A super addicting game in which you must drag scrap metal to your base or use it for your plane.
4.8 / 10
Learn to Fly
Fly to the other side with your penguin. It's pretty far, but upgrade your penguin and keep trying.
9.1 / 10
Fly through the level in your helicopter. Try to find the key to unlock the way out of the level.
6.0 / 10
Flying Gonzo
Can you shoot the Great Gonzo from the cannon into the bucket?
9.8 / 10
Tentacle Beast
Collect as many coins as you can in this game, but watch out for the monsters coming out of the water!
10.0 / 10
Fly through the levels with the butterfly. Make sure you touch all of the flowers you pass.
6.0 / 10
Paper Pilot
Desing your own aeroplane and see how far you can throw it!
8.1 / 10
Enemy bees and kamikaze insects are attacking you in this game. Dodge them as best you can with your bee.
10.0 / 10
Throw the paper plane and make it as far as you can. After every flight you can buy some upgrades.
9.2 / 10
Fly through space and destroy the asteroids as Osamu Tezuka's Astroboy.
10.0 / 10
Fly through the level and pick up the green orb. When you have it you can fly to the end.
7.7 / 10
Fly Squirrel Fly 2
Fly through the level with the squirrel and try to make it as far as you can. Buy upgrades to fly further.
6.0 / 10
Heli Force
Fly around in your helicopter and shoot down everyone you come across up in the sky. Fire away.
6.0 / 10
Zach Maze
Try to find the way out of the maze. Fly around and collect all the things you need to make it through.
6.0 / 10
Wind Rider Grand Prix
Fly through the level and dodge all the others in this game to make it to the finish first.
6.0 / 10
Dog Fight 2
Pilot an aeroplane in the Great War. Fly around and drop bombs on enemies.
8.5 / 10
Void Gunner
Fly around in your spaceship and shoot down all the enemy ships. Upgrade your spacecraft.
7.3 / 10
Fly through the level with the rocket and make sure you don't hit any of the obstacles. Stick to the middle.
6.0 / 10
Tunnel Flight
Vlieg met je helicopter door de tunnel en ontwijk de obstakels. You can also shoot them.
6.0 / 10
Cloud Soldier
You've escaped from prison. Will you be able to get away in the old airplane?
7.0 / 10
Space Flash Arena
Fly around in space and shoot down all the other spacecraft. They'll fire back at you, so keep moving!
10.0 / 10
Rotor Fighter
Try to shoot down all of the other choppers in the sky while flying over the islands.
6.0 / 10
Super Villainy
You want to become the most infamous super villain in town. You'll have to wipe out the competition first.
10.0 / 10
River Raid
Fly across the water and shoot down the obstacles. Grab enough fuel to keep going. Can you clear a path?
6.0 / 10
A Crow in Hell 2
The crow in hell is back. How far can you guide your crow on his way out of hell? Watch out!
6.0 / 10
Jimmy Bubblegum
Blow a bubble with the bubblegum and make sure you stay in the air long enough to shoot the birds.
6.0 / 10
Flappy Pou
Can you help Pou fly through the levels with his jetpack? Make sure he doesn't fly into any obstacles.
6.0 / 10
Amigo Pancho 5
Amigo Pancho wants to help activists on the North Pole. Can you help him fly there with his two balloons?
6.0 / 10
Xenon Prime Racing
A futuristic racing game with jets. Will you be the first to cross the finish with your jet plane?
10.0 / 10
Birds of a Feather
Fly around with your bird and collect other birds. Dodge the obstacles or you will lose your birds.
10.0 / 10
Puzzle Farter
Use your farts to power your flight through the levels of Puzzle Farter.
10.0 / 10
Mustang Dogfight
Fly around and shoot down every aircraft you encounter. Use your missiles to hit them.
6.0 / 10
Animal Balloons
Can you save the animals on the isalnds? You'll have to fly there with your balloon first.
6.0 / 10
Kirby's Star Scramble
Fly around with Kirby and make your way around the level collecting the stars on your way.
6.0 / 10
Make sure you collect all the stars. Get enough of them at least to go on to the next levels.
6.0 / 10
Flappy Christmas
Fly through the Christmas tunnel with Quark, Dr Atom's dog. Try to collect the golden Xmas stars!
6.0 / 10
Fly over the surface of this alien planet and make sure you don't crash into anything. Keep your jet whole.
9.5 / 10
Crow in Hell
You're a crow that has accidentally ended up in hell. Find the way back to earth past all the obstacles.
10.0 / 10
Dog Fight
Fly on your own or accompanied by a second plane. Dog Fight: the Great War is a must-play game!
9.0 / 10
Shoot down everyone with the plane and try to make sure you don't get hit by anyone.
6.0 / 10
Return to Phobos
Fly around in space and try to shoot all the other spaceships. Dodge they obstacles and enemy fire.
6.0 / 10
Shoot up all the other spaceships flying around in your path. Dodge the other ships and the asteroids.
6.0 / 10
Over the River
Fly over the water and shoot all the enemies you come across. You will have to sink the boats too!
6.0 / 10
Star Defender 4
Shoot down all of the space invaders in the spectacular Star Defender 4.
6.0 / 10
Chrono Pilot
Make sure you take out all of the other planes. But also make sure you don't get hit too often!
1.0 / 10
Bird Family
Fly around and collect as many baby birds as you can. Watch out for the crows and the witch.
6.0 / 10
Straaljager 1945
Shoot all the planes and other aircraft down with your own plane. How far can you get?
10.0 / 10
Space Gate
Shoot everything you come across as you fly around out of the sky. You're looking on from above.
6.0 / 10
Momentum Master 2
Grab the white marbles with the little spider. Swing around and use your momentum.
10.0 / 10
3D Micro Wars
Shoot down everyone who flies over your territory. You are airborne too and must shoot them all.
6.0 / 10
When Pigs Fly
The pig fell through a hole in the ground and is now stuck underground. Grow wings and fly to freedom.
6.0 / 10
Heidi One
A fun space shooter game. Collect the gold and shoot all of the enemy spacecraft.
9.5 / 10
Birdy Fruit
Fly through the level with the little bird and grab the fruit. Fly to the finish point once you have it.
6.0 / 10
Cosmic Commander
Fly through space and try to shoot all the other space ships. Can you take them all out?
6.0 / 10
Make your way around the web with the little spider and try to gobble up as many flies as you can.
10.0 / 10
Sprocket Rocket
Fly around in a pod with Wallace and Gromit and try to solve various little puzzles on the way.
6.0 / 10
The Seeker
Shoot the other spaceships in this The Seeker space invaders game.
10.0 / 10
Tropical Dragon Slaughter
Fly around in your jet plane and shoot all of the opposing forces you encounter.
6.0 / 10
Allied Assault
You're flying through space with your spaceship. Shoot lasers and drop bombs on your enemies.
6.0 / 10
Frog Out
Help the mutated frog eat all the killer flies and save humanity. Can you grab them all with your tongue?
6.0 / 10
60 Sec Till Graduation
Can you rake up all the best grades by shooting down the bad ones? Go for the A and B grades only!
10.0 / 10
Jet Pac Stan
Fly around in every level and collect the keys, but make sure you don't use too much jetpack fuel.
10.0 / 10
Adapt or Die
Move carefully and try to seize all the tiles by the end of the round. Can you do it? Adapt or die!
6.0 / 10
Jet Pack Pizza
Fly between all the obstacles and watch out for the spikes. Go to your house and fly through the levels.
5.8 / 10
Shadow Game
Fly in the right direction and grab all the stars to make it to the next level. Can you do it?
10.0 / 10
Shoot away the dude called Elastoman and make sure you make it to the end of the level.
3.5 / 10
Soul Survivor
Shoot down everybody who comes near you and make sure you don't get hit yourself.
6.0 / 10
Bird Bird Army
Use your bird to shoot down everything you run into. Fly around and shoot your enemies out of the sky.
6.0 / 10
The Light Work
Help the little elf catch the green orbs as you fly through the level. Dodge the things that attack you.
6.0 / 10
Ace Invaders
Fly through the level and shoot all of your enemies. Make sure nobody hits you with their shots.
6.0 / 10
Dodge the debris that flies all over the place and destroy as many ships as you can.
6.0 / 10
A real shooter game. Shoot down all the incoming planes. there are combos and different routes.
6.0 / 10
Raiden X
In Raiden X you must manoeuvre your plane past many obstacles and final bosses.
6.0 / 10
Burst each other's balloons in this extensive game with many game-options.
6.0 / 10
Death vs Monstars
Shoot all your opponents. Expand your ship with bigger and more powerful weapons.
6.0 / 10
Aim and shoot the bullets at the targets to break them. Can you hit them all in this game?
1.0 / 10
Ray Quest
Fly around in the sky with the plane. It shoot automatically, but you will have to dodge enemy fire.
6.0 / 10
Endless Migration
Lead your geese to the north. Watch out for dangerous obstacles on the way, such as planes.
6.0 / 10
Bionic Bugz
Use the bug to fly through each level. Shoot all your opponents. Make sure they don't hit you though!
6.0 / 10
Frantic Sky
Fly around with your aircraft and shoot down the other planes. Can you defeat them all and dodge the bullets?
6.0 / 10
Space Pips
Shoot everyone who comes at you. This is the only way to get faster and stronger. Upgrade your ship on time!
6.0 / 10
Shoot everyone in all the levels and try to collect as many points as you can by doing so.
6.0 / 10
Kadanmaku 2
Dodge the space debris floating around and shoot as many space ships as you can in this game.
6.0 / 10
Ghost Guidance
Try to get as far as you can from the base. Infect a ship and fly along. If it breaks down, skip to another.
6.0 / 10
First Flight
Make sure all the little birds land safely on the balloons. Bounce them around with the paddle.
10.0 / 10
Linear Assault
Play space invaders and shoot down all of the alien space ships.
10.0 / 10
Teddy Rescue
Fly around with Teddy and set free all of his captured friends.
9.5 / 10
Simple but addicting arcade shooter game. Bullets and bombs all over the place!
6.0 / 10
Use your jet motor to keep yourself in the air and grab all the items.
1.0 / 10
Captain Nutty
Fly around with the squirrel and collect all of the nuts. You can also shoot. Try to dodge the bombs.
6.0 / 10
High Smiling
Fly as high as you can with your smiley and grab as many stars and other things as you can.
6.0 / 10
Rocket Fighter
Use different weapons and fighters, and play different levels in Rocket Fighter!
10.0 / 10