Sunset Solitaire

Play away the cards of the same value to clear the field. You can also clear the cards in the deck this way for extra points or to get to the cards below if two cards of the same value are displayed.

To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference.

8 / 10
Blackjack King

Beat the house in the fun card game Blackjack King. It's just you against the dealer in this blackjack game. Try to score 21, or get as close to 21 as you can. You have to reach a score that is better than that of the dealer to win, but be sure not to go over 21 and go bust.

0 / 10
Pyramid Solitaire

In Pyramid Solitaire you can clear away cards if they add up to 13 points. Work your way through the pyramid. Give it a shot! The king is the only card you can play away as a single card, since it's value is 13. A fun patience game!

8 / 10
Learn Texas Hold'em Poker

Practice your poker skills in this fun poker game. The poker variation you play here is Texas Hold'em. You play against the computer, which will generate a table full of opponents for you.

0 / 10

Make combinations of dice which add up to 7 to remove dice from the field. If you run out of moves, click on the red dice in the bottom of the field to roll in two new dice. A combination with three white dice scores bonus points, as does a combination with two blue dice. To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference.

8 / 10
Fuzzball Frenzy

Clear away as many of these crazy Fuzzballs as you can by lining up four of the same colour. Drag them to a new square to make combos. What's your Fuzzball high score?

8 / 10
Marble Magic

In this take on the original bubble game your cannon spins around a circle of bubbles you need to shoot and pop. Try to make the centre piece rotate so you can shoot bubbles away on all sides. Good luck!

8 / 10
Post Poker

Play Poker online. You will get to choose which cards to hold on to in each game. Will you be able to play it smart and come out the winner?

8 / 10
Outdraw Poker

Select the right cards to hold onto and try to beat the dealer's poker hand. You can deal as many times as you like, but make sure you don't run out of cards.

0 / 10

Patience or Solitaire is the card game where you play your way through the entire deck. Clear the table! Will you be able to stack away all the cards in the right order? It's addicting!

8 / 10
Twin Spin

Play Twin Spin, a nice slots game for free.

0 / 10
Starburst Reel

Play Starburst Reel, a nice slots game for free.

6 / 10
Austin Texas Hold'em

Play a game of Texas Hold'em poker with Austin rules. In this game you will be playing the computer AI, with one opponent. Can you make all the right decisions and the best bluffs to outwit your opponent?

0 / 10
Holmes and the Stolen Stones Reel

Hunt for clues in the slots game Holmes and the Stolen Stones Reel! Precious stones have been stolen from the casino, and Sherlock Holmes has been hired to find the thief. Help Holmes and his best friend Watson search for items that will lead you to the culprit in this original slot machine game!

0 / 10
Flash Poker

In this flash video poker game you can select which cards to hold and which card to discard. Remember you need at least 2 pair to earn credits! If you earn points, you can choose to 'double up': you'll enter a different game in which you can guess if the next card will be red or black or which suit it will be (spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs). Good luck in this video poker game.

8 / 10
Giovanni's Gems

Do you want to join Giovanni’s slot machine adventure set in a mystical forest full of precious ores and stones? Link up huge symbol combinations while playing this slot game and score some explosive wins. Start right now and play this online slots game for free!

0 / 10
Fire vs Ice Slots

The symbols of the slots game Fire vs Ice are real classics: 7s, bars, cherries, dice, and diamonds. The stunning visual design of this video slot game really stands out. This five reel slot machine with 25 paylines will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

0 / 10
Carribean Stud Poker

Play online Carribean Stud Poker via an elegant flash interface!

8 / 10
Go Bananas Slots

Go Bananas Slots is a crazy slot machine game in which you have to collect the monkeys to get the WILD bonus icon boost. Each monkey will leap out and start changing the surrounding icons into WILDs, boosting your chances to strike a lucky combo. Every monkey creates WILD icons according to their own, unique pattern. Check the game info to see how each monkey operates. This fun slots game has 5 reels and multiple pay lines!

2 / 10

Stack cards of the same suit or number. You can only move them back one or two steps. Stack the cards as high as possible and move back as much as you can, because otherwise you'll end up in the paper shredder! When you can't stack back, click on the next square to deal the next card. To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference.

8 / 10

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