Sunset Solitaire

Play away the cards of the same value to clear the field. You can also clear the cards in the deck this way for extra points or to get to the cards below if two cards of the same value are displayed.

To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference.

8 / 10
Asia Poker

In Asia Poker you have to try to beat the dealer by laying your poker hands out in the areas marked high, middle, and low. You are dealt seven cards to make your hand.

0 / 10
VIP Klaverjas

VipKlaverjas is a great card game that is very popular in the Netherlands. You can play this multiplayer game with the Amsterdam rules or the Rotterdam rules. You play Klaverjas with four players, and the player sitting across from you is your teammate. Together, you have to get a cumulative score higher than that of your opponents.

0 / 10
Fun Towers

Clear the field of cards by always picking a card that is one higher or one lower than the last card played.

To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference. A great patience game!

8.3 / 10
Blackjack Trainer

In this blackjack training game you will learn whether you have make the right decision according to blackjack basic strategy. You will immediately be show whether you have clicked on the right decision.

0 / 10

Clear the field for bonus points in this game of dominoes. You can play for free as often as you like. The golden dominoes are good for even more points. Save up golden stars to play a bonus game.
To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference.

8 / 10
Bubbles Up

Play the legendary Bubbles. The oyster is the deep sea bubble cannon! Hit fun new targets such as the mines to clear away more bubbles. Try to make combos and play it smart to clear away as many bubbles as you can each shot. Can you do it?

8 / 10
Blackjack Master

Blackjack Master is the online version of the classic card game in which your goal is to come as close to 21 as possible without going over. Compete against the dealer as you draw cards. As your score climbs toward 21, decide whether to keep drawing or stand pat, and hope you come closer to 21 than the dealer without going over!

0 / 10
Video Poker Training

In this game you can learn how to improve your video poker skills. You will receive advice on how best to play, and you can save your high scores for comparison.

0 / 10
House of Cards

Build a card house with the cards from the deck and see how many points you can build up. Watch out for the jokers though, they will blow over all of the top row of your cardhouse. Also make sure the value of the cards below is high enough to carry the value of the cards stacked on top. Aces can carry cards of any value.
To change the language of the game click on the flag next to the HELP button and select your language of preference.

8 / 10
Vikingheim Halloween Slots

Spin the reels with the spooky slots game Vikingheim Halloween Slots and compete to win amazing Halloween-themed prizes, such as a trip for two to Dracula's Castle in Transylvania (Romania)! This amazing 5-reel slot machine game doesn't play when it comes to staying true to the Halloween theme!

0 / 10
Texas Holdem Poker Heads Up

Go head to head against the computer and win in this exciting poker game. Place your bets and beat your opponent.

7.5 / 10
Royal Bingo

Scratch away number by number: that's how you play bingo! don't forget to scream "BINGO" when you won!

8 / 10
Qinga Multiplayer

Play the addictive game Qinga as a multiplayer game. Use the central dice to shoot at the snakes. Try to line up three or more dice with the same numbers on them before the snake reaches the fire pits at the end.

8 / 10
Ultra Seven Reel

Ultra Seven is a great video slots game for players who want a straightforward slot machine to play. Sometimes you want something classic to ease your mind. Invite a comforting feeling of nostalgia with the 5 x 3 reel slot game with traditional fruit icons and hot 7s!

0 / 10

Online bingo with multiple players and a selection of games to participate in. Gain access to extra fun-games after registering.

8 / 10

A fun game of rolling the dice. Try to get the right combo's every time you roll the dice. once each turn you can roll them three times.

8 / 10
RoyalDice Journey

Roll the 5 dice and pick the best ones to keep. You get to roll the remaining dice 2 more times. Try to hit every dice combo and defeat the royal servants, the knights, and the king and queen in RoyalDice Journey. Can you outscore them all?

0 / 10
Poker Multiplayer

Play poker in real time. Outwit your opponents by bragging and bluffing your way to the top!

8 / 10
Goodgame Poker

How good are you at playing poker? Is it all luck or strategy with you? Are you a great bluff and a skilled player? Beat all the other players in the tournaments!

6 / 10

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