Building and construction games

Here you can play games where you build or construct things. Houses, bridges, it could be anything. We've collected some difficult games, but we've also included simpler games where you can build things fast and easy. Take a look around this page. You'll find just the game you're looking for.

Viaduct Designer
An evil company has blown up all the bridges. Can you rebuild them so the train can get to the other side?
8.5 / 10
Bad Piggies
Build a vehicle for the bad piggies in each level to get them past the finish. Can you figure out how?
9.0 / 10
Family Barn
Become a top farmer in this game. Help you neighbours and keep your own cows, chicken and crops.
8.6 / 10
Royal Story
Plant crops and harvest them to feed you animals. Can you expand your kingdom and explore new areas?
9.6 / 10
Protect the Cow Level Pack
It's raining down sharp objects in this game. Can you protect the cow by building some sort of cover?
8.6 / 10
Build a Doll House
Try to decorate the doll's house. Can you make the house look as pretty as possible? Have fun!
7.2 / 10
Mall Mania
Make sure that you create a fun shopping mall that will attract lots and lots of visitors.
7.8 / 10
Knights and Brides
Go on a wonderful adventure in the magical world of knights and princesses in this fantastic game.
9.8 / 10
Mine Blocks
Walk around in the strange world and mine the blocks. You can use these to build useful things.
8.5 / 10
Happy Tower
Can you build one big happy tower? You can choose whether you want to build some stores or apartments.
8.3 / 10
Build Your Own Amusement Park
In this game you can build you own amusement park. You can put your rides wherever you want them!
6.0 / 10
Bridge Builder
Build a bridge over the gap in the road that is strong enough to carry the truck across. Can you do it?
8.7 / 10
Build a Lot
Build up your real estate empire by building, maintaining, and renting your houses to people.
8.5 / 10
You get to choose whether you want to be a Roman, a Gaul, or a Teutonic warrior. Build your own village.
7.2 / 10
Dream Car Racing
In this game you can build your own can to race with. Make sure you build something that doesn't fall apart!
8.5 / 10
Build your own city in UrbVille. Start with a couple of houses and change your town into a wonderful place!
8.4 / 10
Gears and Chains Spin It
Try to make all the gears spin by connecting them with the chains. Can you get them all moving?
7.9 / 10
Grow Valley
Grow everything in the right order so that the characters help each other build a world.
8.9 / 10
Mega City Deluxe HD
Build a nice town. If there are enough positive aspects in the left row you get to move on a little.
8.8 / 10
Village Fun
Build a pretty little village by supplying all the types of facilities the people in town will need.
8.4 / 10
Plinga Galaxy Life
You've fled from your planet and must now build up a new existence on a different planet. Build a new city!
9.9 / 10
Daisy's Construction Crew
Help Daisy build a nice house. Make something nice out of the construction. You have lots of options.
8.7 / 10
Galaxy Life
Build up a new existence on a new planet, but watch out for the evil aliens who will try to attack you.
9.3 / 10
Shop Empire
Build your own shop and try to get as many visitors as you can and sell lots of fun stuff.
8.8 / 10
Stream Master Unlimited
Try to link up all the dots of the same colour by drawing lines to fill all the blocks in the grid.
9.5 / 10
iPhone 6 Repair
Your new iPhone 6 just fell and broke! Fortunately, in this game, you can still fix every part of your phone!
7.7 / 10
Tower Up
Build your own skyscraper. It can be as high as you want with shops and residential floors in it!
8.4 / 10
iPad Repair
Your iPad has had a rough time. Fortunately you can fix it. Once you've carried out the repairs, decorate it.
8.5 / 10
Plan It Green
Make sure the houses in the neighbourhood are all environmentally friendly and green.
8.9 / 10
Cargo Bridge
Build a bridge that is strong enough to carry everything to the other side. Plan ahead!
8.5 / 10
Back 2 Back Commander
Land on the planet and try to stop the renegade space captain from escaping. Shoot down his rocket!
7.6 / 10
You and your opponent both have a rocket that is half finished. Can you finish it before your opponent does?
9.3 / 10
Tower Bloxx Deluxe
Try to get as many people as possible to live in your flat by building it as straight as possible.
8.1 / 10
Wooden Path 2
Complete the wooden bridge as fast as you can so that everyone can cross to the other side.
8.2 / 10
Demolition Inc
Wreck the building by putting the TNT bars in the right places. What remains has to be below the line.
9.0 / 10
Jane's Realty
Build your own village and make money. Watch out though, because your money runs out quite quickly.
8.2 / 10
Royal Envoy
Build your own city or village on your island. Build quickly and safely so that everything is stable.
9.7 / 10
Robot Shop
How fast can you build the robots? Build factories and start up your robot production line.
9.0 / 10
Tower Builder
Build a tower with many floor. Drop the one onto the other with the crane, but try to keep it straight.
7.1 / 10
Building Rush
Can you race around with your truck and deliver the building materials around town? Make a tidy profit.
7.2 / 10
Candy Fun
Build some candy machines and make whatever candy you want. You'll have to take into account the costs though!
8.8 / 10
The Big Game Final
Save all of the people. Make your way through the levels, grab the coins and upgrade all kinds of things.
7.6 / 10
My Kingdom for the Princess II
Help the Princess travel back home by fixing the roads. She will reward you at the end of every level.
6.1 / 10
Dynamic Systems 2
Try to make the little ball roll into the bucket by placing the items into the right position.
8.2 / 10
Building Demolisher
Demolish all the buildings and don't leave a brick standing. If you do you'll be punished in a terrible way!
10.0 / 10
Pre-Civilization Stone Age
Build up your own civilization. Grow from cave dweller to palace dweller within 100 turns! Can you do it.
8.2 / 10
Demolition City
Make sure the buildings are collapsed by placing the explosives correctly.
8.8 / 10
Tinysasters 2
Build a new civilization on the mini-planets. First it's easy, but then disaster will strike!
8.2 / 10
Diamond Craze
Place all the items in the right place and try to pick up everything you need on the way. Can you do it?
10.0 / 10
Liquid Measure: Crystal Water Pack
Can you pour the right amounts of water into the cans? Look carefully to see what amount of water goes where.
6.0 / 10
Electric Box 2
Make sure the electric current gets from the generator to the end point by building in little machines.
10.0 / 10
Sticky Blobs
Try to clone the sticky blobs and build chains so that you can grab all of the stars and the raspberry.
9.1 / 10
Robots Initiate Work Sequence
Can you complete all the tasks on time with the robots? Find the most efficient way to go about it.
7.5 / 10
Wooden Bridge 2
Can you move around the pieces so that you can finish building the bridge and connect the two banks?
9.8 / 10
Build your own kingdom. Make sure you invest your resources wisely and take over all the land.
7.0 / 10
Tower Bloxx
Can you create a city by building the highest towers to accomodate your citizens?
9.4 / 10
Liguid Measure 3 Poison
The third installment in the liquid measure series. This time you have to move around the poison.
7.6 / 10
The Constructor
Construct a beautiful old fashioned village. Put together all the buildings as quick as you can.
8.5 / 10
Cell Craft
Make your cell as big as possible and tough enough to be able to take a hit or two.
7.7 / 10
Plumber Boy
Put the pipes down so that the water can flow through without leaking out. Can you do it on time?
8.5 / 10
Catastrophic Construction
Build a construction with the happy blocks so that the blue block will come to rest in the outlined square.
6.1 / 10
Twisted Kingdom 2
Can you create all the houses, castles, and peasants on the list? It's not as easy as it looks!
5.0 / 10
Stone Age Wisdom
Move around the lumps of land so that the little guy can cross from one side of the river to the other.
7.8 / 10
Dead Rampage
Build a beacon to send out a distress signal. Can you keep the zombies at bay at the same time?
6.0 / 10
Build a stable contruction - or as stable as possible anyway - to get to the pretty moonlight.
6.4 / 10
Build towers with the strange blocks. Some blocks will destroy each other, so pay watch where you drop them!
6.0 / 10
Raccoon Bridge
Make sure the raccoon can cross to the other side safely by building a bridge for it.
6.4 / 10
Tetronimo Laboratory
Experiments are being done in the lab with tetris blocks. Can you use them to build a path for the soldier?
10.0 / 10
Doodle Physics
Build a tower. But it has to be an upside-down tower, and you must make sure it is stable.
8.8 / 10
Blueprint 3D
Rotate the blueprints until the picture comes into focus. Can you see what the blueprint is a picture of?
6.0 / 10
Where's My Duck
Help the crocodile detective find the little ducks. Build bridges so that he doesn't fall down.
1.0 / 10
Happy Builder
Build all kinds of strange constructions. Grab the items with the crane and build what's in the picture.
3.5 / 10
Wanko Soba Tower
Build a tower with plates after the man is done eating the noodles. Build quickly and as high as you can.
6.8 / 10
Mechanical Brothers
Help the two brothers build a machine. The one brother shoots the right machine parts at the other.
6.0 / 10
Build a city and defend it against attacks. Keep building your city up and upgrading your weapons.
7.4 / 10
Build a nitrohauler to haul the boxes of nitro in, and then deliver them safely.
8.7 / 10
Rebuild Chile
Help rebuild Chile. Drive around in the truck and clear away the debris. Call in the heli if you need help.
7.4 / 10
Mustache Time
Don't let the green balls with the moustaches fall out of the level. Build planks to catch them.
6.0 / 10
Cover Orange Journey Knights
Can you protect the orange in the age of knights too? Build a little roof to shelter the orange.
6.0 / 10
Epic Combo Redux
Shoot the turtles through the level to collect combo points. Build all kinds of things to bounce them off.
6.0 / 10
Can you stack up all the wobbly blocks to build a construction that sticks out above the line?
6.0 / 10
Cover Orange Journey Wild West
Roll the orange under a roof or build a roof over it to protect the fruit from the acid rain.
6.0 / 10
Nuts and Bolts
Help the robot get from one platform to the next and collect the bolts. Make sure you don't fall.
6.0 / 10
Connect It
Can you put all the cogs in the right place to make the machine spring to life? Look carefully!
6.0 / 10
Stick Hero
Build your own Stick Hero game. You can do anything you want. You determine how hard the game will be.
7.8 / 10
Fantastic Contraption 2
Build a fantastic contraption capable of making it to the end of the level. Make sure it's stable.
9.4 / 10
Build your own levels or play levels made by other people. It's great fun to make your own game!
7.8 / 10
Perfect Balance 3
Play Perfect Balance and make sure all the items stay the way your stacked them all up.
10.0 / 10
Star Apocalypse
Win the game by defending your base and destroying the mutant aliens in Star Apocalypse.
4.7 / 10
Build a sturdy and safe bridge to help your character get to the other side. Mind your surroundings.
6.4 / 10
King's Troubles
Someone is trying to shoot the king. Can you build an object in the blue box to stop the cannonballs?
6.0 / 10
Pipe It 2D
Put down the pipes to help the water flow away in the right direction. Can you figure out how to fix it?
8.0 / 10
Little Big Balance
Grab the stars by building high towers. Watch you balance. It's harder than it looks!
9.0 / 10
Perfect Balance 2
Stack the blocks so that everything stays in balance and your tower of blocks doesn't fall over.
10.0 / 10
King of Bridges
Try to build exactly the right amount of bridges to connect all of the little islands.
6.0 / 10
Space on Air
Keep the item hovering above the line, but do try to remove as much as you can from the structure.
4.3 / 10
Imperfect Balance
Bring the blocks out of balance by stacking them imperfectly so that they all fall from the platform.
1.0 / 10
Stack all the cats to grab the star. What you build has to remain stable until the time is up.
6.0 / 10
Total Construction
Try to stack all the blocks so that you can build a high tower with them. But keep an eye on the cannons.
6.0 / 10
Imperfect Balance 2
Stack the blocks so that everything is not in balance. Everything needs to fall off the platform.
6.0 / 10
Tower Constructor
Can you build the tower faster than your opponent can? Stack the numbers in the right order.
1.0 / 10
Daisy's Construction Crew
Have fun, because you can go all out building stuff with Daisy and her crew!
6.0 / 10
Catastrophic Construction
Build up the blocks to form the shape indicated in every level. That is the only way to finish the levels.
6.0 / 10
Cargo Bridge
How good are you at building bridges? Can you make the bridge strong enough to carry the cargo across?
6.0 / 10