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Bubbels: The legendary bubbels shooter games!

Bubble games are the most fun and addictive games on the net. They are also called bubble shooters. In a classic bubble shooter game, you can shoot coloured balls from a canon located at the bottom of the playing field to hit the rows of balls above it. When you hit two or more balls of the same colour, they will pop and disappear. More rows of bubbles come down as you play, so you need to try and clear the screen as fast as possible.

New variations on the original bubbles game

Bubbles shooter games are very popular, so the creators have developed lots of new bubbles varieties, like bubble shooters where colored balls are be fired towards the middle of the screen, out from the centre outward. Games where the player shoots with multiple balls at at the same time, or where you shoot an advancing line of bubbles or marbles before your time runs out. In brief, you can pick any game that is just as challenging as you want.

These are our recommendations: Bubbles, Marble Magic, Bubble Breaker, Popa 360, Touch the Bubbles 3, Popa Night

Bubble shooter. Try to empty the field by aiming for bubbles of the same color! Try to pop all the bubbles!
7.8 / 10
Bubble Breaker
Legendary bubble game: bubble breaker. Get as many points as possible by popping bubbles of similar color.
6.7 / 10
Webcam Bubbles
You will need a webcam for this game. Pop the bubbles with your own hands or head.
8.0 / 10
Bubble Riders
The temple is guarded by the spirit bubbles. Can you pop them all to free the hidden keys to the temple?
7.0 / 10
Underwater Thing
Shoot the bubbles against the other bubbles and try to make combinations of three or more.
6.2 / 10
Mayan Bubbles
Shoot all the bubbles and make colour combinations the clear them away in this fun Bubble game.
6.3 / 10
Birds Town 2
Shoot the right bubbles together to form colour combinations and pop them to clear the field.
8.6 / 10
Infinite Balls
Click away all the combos of three or more indentical balls. New ones will drop down all the time.
8.6 / 10
Bubble Town
Shoot the bubbles together to pop them. The level is rotating while you play, so stay sharp!
4.7 / 10
Matching Tetris
This game is an elegant combination of tetris and bubble breaker. How that works? Play to find out!
10.0 / 10
Jewel Bubbles 3
Try to play away al many bubbles as you can by making combinations with the matching colours! Good luck!
6.3 / 10
Bongo Balls
Can you shoot all the bubbles away with the bubble shooting monkey? Do it fast before the line runs out.
7.1 / 10
Bouncy Balls
Shoot all of the bubbles and try to make all the coloured bubbles vanish by making combos of 3 or more.
5.5 / 10
Bouncing Balls
Shoot away all of the bubbles. They come down slowly, but you have to be fast to shoot them all.
8.0 / 10
Youde Conqueror
Conquer the world by shooting bubbles in Youda Conqueror!
8.4 / 10
Bubble Vulcano
Shoot away the bubbles and hit the bubbles of the same colour. Can you shoot them all away?
2.0 / 10
Totem Balls
Try to shoot all of the gems and get the three stars. Can you unlock the locked stars too? Try it now!
7.6 / 10
Ball Chimes
Click as many of the bubbles of the same colour which are attached to each other away. Try to clear the field.
8.0 / 10
Bouncing Halloween
Can you pop all the Halloween pumpkins before they descend in this special Halloween bubbles game?
6.0 / 10
Marble Lines
Make the balls disappear before they reach the hole. Shoot balls with the same colors together.
7.3 / 10
Happy Birds
Shoot the bird together with the slingshot just like in bubbles. Match the coloured birds and make combos.
5.0 / 10
Bubble Buster Game
Shoot the bubble. It'll split into two, and again and again until it's small enough to pop. Can you do it?
9.3 / 10
The Lost World
Make your way from tower to tower by collecting the coins that you get when popping combos of bubbles.
9.0 / 10
Bubble Breaker 3
Play Bubble Breaker 3 and pop all the bubbles in every level. Pop them the largest combos you can find.
10.0 / 10
Doctor Trickle
Something went wrong in the lab. Help the scientist kill the trickles in this game.
7.4 / 10
Marble Magic
In this bubble game your cannon spins around a circle of bubbles you need to shoot and pop. Good luck!
6.0 / 10
Smiley Groups
Click away all the smileys of the same colour in one go. Can you click them all before the time is up?
8.5 / 10
Shoot the coloured bubbles at the other identical bubbles to make combinations of three or more and pop them.
9.0 / 10
Ben 10 Bubble Shooter
Shoot the bubbles in every level and try to get the highest score possible. Can you defeat the monster boss?
10.0 / 10
Pirate Poppers
Shoot the coloured bubbles at the line of bubbles to form combos of three or more and clear the line away.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Academy
Explore the many levels of Bubble Academy. Make combinations of three or more and pop all of the bubbles!
6.0 / 10
Something Fishy
A bubbles game in an aquarium. Click bubbles away when there are three or more of the same colour together.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Bobble 2
This bubbles game is played in a small, screen-fitting level. Shoot the monsters with your bubbles.
6.5 / 10
Tingly Bubble Shooter
Shoot away the bubbles in combinations of three or more in this match-3 bubble shooter game!
6.0 / 10
Bubble It 2
Choose a bubble to pull into the middle. Try to make combinations of four or more bubbles of the same colour.
10.0 / 10
Bubbles 5
Shoot the bubbles to make combinations of three or more of the same colour and pop them all.
6.0 / 10
Shoot the woobies against the other identical woobies to clear the field before they come all the way down.
10.0 / 10
Ocean Bubble
Play Ocean Bubble with several coloured balls. Drop the pyramids of balls as in tetris.
7.0 / 10
Aqua Bubble
The bubbles are coming down like a waterfall. Shoot them in time!
7.0 / 10
Bubble Up
Shoot the coloured bubbles to make combinations of three or more, but don't miss too often.
6.0 / 10
Pop and Drop
Shoot the coloured bubbles up to form combos and pop the bubbles at the top before they come down too far.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Shooter 4
Shoot Bubbles at the bubbles of the same colour to make them pop. An extended version of Bubble Shooter.
4.5 / 10
Beata's Washhouse
Shoot the bubbles to collect the clothes for the girls. It's all been washes fresh and clean in the washhouse.
10.0 / 10
Bubble Buster
Bubble game were the bubbles come up from the bottom of the field. Pop them before it's too late!
6.0 / 10
Orange Bubbles
Shoot the bubbles and free the orange in each level. Can you pop all the bubbles around the orange?
4.0 / 10
Bubble Hero 3D
Shoot the colourful bubbles and make combinations of three or more. Rescue all of the little mice.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Up 2
Shoot the bubbles with the same colour against each other. Three or more of the same ones is a combo.
10.0 / 10
Barbie Loves Spongebob
Great memory game with Barbie and Spongebob. Find two similar objects and erase them from the field.
10.0 / 10
Deep Pearl
Shoot your bubbles towards bubbles of similar colour in Deep Pearl. Clear the field on time! Play it now!
10.0 / 10
Palantir Bubbles
This is an interesting variation on the bubble-themed games. You can shoot bubbles from six different angles.
8.0 / 10
Puzzle Bubble Bros
Shoot the matching mushrooms at eachother. In this bubbles game you don't shoot bubbles but mushrooms!
6.0 / 10
Shopping Marathon
Shoot away the numbers that are lower than the ones you shoot, but try to hit it as close as possible.
8.3 / 10
Holoholo Island
Aim carefully and shoot all the bubbles against others to form combos of three of more of the same colour.
8.0 / 10
Drop Zone Turbo
Shoot the coloured balls into the right blocks to remove them. Can you get all of the blocks cleared on time?
10.0 / 10
Bubble Popper
Play Bubble Popper with many different coloured bubbles. Shoot them away to keep the field clear.
6.0 / 10
Christmas Bubbles
Can you pop all the Christmas bubbles by making the right combos? Shoot the bubbles to make combinations.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Master
Play Bubbles in Bubble Master. Shoot away combinations of coloured bubbles with a rabbit and a turtle.
6.0 / 10
Aim and shoot with the mouse to blast away the right clusters of bubbles. Don't miss or more will appear!
10.0 / 10
Ball Shooter 2
Shoot the bubbles and spin the X in the middle by hitting it. Can you clear the entire field of bubbles?
6.0 / 10
Bonbon Foliz
Help the monkey shoot the bonbon bubbles out of the line before they reach the end of the track.
9.3 / 10
Draw the flubbles towards one another to make them combine. If a flubble bursts this fills up the meter.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Pet
Pop the right bubbles to play away all the pets in rows of three or more. You have a limited number of clicks.
6.0 / 10
Shoot the famous Wild West Looney Tunes together in clusters of three or more in this bubbles game.
8.0 / 10
Play this bubble game in Bubblez. Hit similar colours to make them disappear.
9.0 / 10
Ice Age Bubble Trouble
Help poor, neurotic Scrat the prehistoric squirrel float his way back up out of the abyss in a bubble.
6.0 / 10
Cupid Bubbles
Shoot the bubbles with Cupid's bow and arrows. Can you pop all the bubbles before they reach the bottom?
9.0 / 10
One Bubble
Jump over the bubbles to pop them. Can you play away all the bubbles until there is only one left?
6.0 / 10
Jewel Lines
Move the marbles to form lines before the field fills up. For every turn you take 3 more marbles appear.
9.0 / 10
X Balls
Shoot the balls of the same colour together and make them vanish from the field. Try to get them all.
6.0 / 10
Tropix Puffer Hopper
Shoot the coloured bubbles at each other to make combos of three or more. Try to pop all of them.
6.0 / 10
Crystal Gunner
Another bubbles variation with gems. Shoot gems of the same colour together to make them vanish.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Fever
Play away the bubbles to make the patients better again. Look carefully, cause you don't have many bubbles!
10.0 / 10
Touch the Bubbles 3
Try to pop all of the bubbles in each level without touching the red areas. Tricky and addicting.
10.0 / 10
Bug Buster
Bust all the bugs and other creepy crawlies in the garden in this bubbles game.
3.5 / 10
Anti-Gravity Disintegration
Shoot away the bubbles from Marvin the Martian's blaster and make rows of four.
7.0 / 10
Bumper Boat Bonanza
Try to hit your opponents with your rubber boat as many times as you can. Collect the bubbles.
8.2 / 10
Aqua Bubbles
Play aqua bubbles against the ticking timer. Make sure the bubbles don't hit the water!
5.5 / 10
Click the bubbles away as fast as you can before the screen fills up completely. Two or more of the same ones!
9.0 / 10
Bubble Struggle 2
The multi player sequel of Bubble Trouble; Bubble Struggle 2- Rebubbled. Play bubbles together!
6.0 / 10
Smiley Fuits
In this variation of bubble shooter you have to shoot the fruit. Hit the fruit and score lots of points!
6.0 / 10
Pixie Clone Capture
Catch all the pixies by blowing bubbles to capture them in. Pretty tricky!
10.0 / 10
Bubble Fun
Grab one or more bubbles and shoot it away. Make sure to shoot them against the same colours.
10.0 / 10
Shooting Bubbles
Shoot the bubbles at the right spots and make the field empty by popping them in Bubble Trouble.
10.0 / 10
Touch the Bubbles 4
Touch all the bubbles with the mouse to make them pop. The faster you are, the more points you score!
10.0 / 10
Gluey is a fun variation on bubble breaker games. Give it a try! You'll love it!
1.3 / 10
Dropzone Turbo
The blocks are falling down. Shoot them with bubbles in a matching colour to pop the blocks.
6.0 / 10
Dogi Bubble Shooter
Shoot the bubbles by helping the little dog pirate hit the bubbles with the cannon. Make great combinations!
6.0 / 10
Connect Four
Try to line up four of the same colour. Make sure your opponent doesn't beat you to it!
1.0 / 10
Bubble Girl
Bounce your way through the levels in a bubble as K.T. the bubble girl. Collect your stolen journal.
5.5 / 10
Bubble Panda
Blow a bubble around the panda and try to float and roll past the obstacles to get to the golden gong.
10.0 / 10
Bubble Swap
Swap the rows of bubbles to match the bubbles falling down from the top. Can you pop all the bubbles?
6.0 / 10
Beads Puzzle
Use the mouse to shoot the beads against other beads of the same colour to clear them off the field.
9.0 / 10
Bubble Shot
Shoot all the bubbles as quick as you can and pop them before they drop from the screen again.
6.0 / 10
Wall E Pop
Use your laser to pop all of the bubbles on the metal sheet with the disney robots EVE and Wall-E.
7.0 / 10
Bubble Canon
A fun bubbles variation. Hit the numbered bubbles of the same colour until the number goes down to zero.
6.0 / 10
Try to pull down the right blocks and throw them up in the right places to make combos of four or more.
7.5 / 10
Pop the Bubble
In pop the bubble you can go wild in a traditional bubble shooter game. Shoot!
10.0 / 10
Touch Bubbles 3
Touch all of the bubbles with your little sparkling dot. Can you avoid the red shapes at all times?
6.0 / 10
Help the guinea pig save his friends, who are captured in bubbles. Watch out for the seagulls.
10.0 / 10
Bubble Charms
Make lots of combinations with three or more of the same bubbles in this fun Bubble Shooter game!
6.0 / 10
Bubble Trouble
Shoot at the balloons in Bubble Trouble. Make sure you don't get hit!
9.3 / 10
Obama Bubbles
Help Obama in his battle for the white house by shooting bubbles.
9.3 / 10
Read the instructions and make sure you pop all the right bubbles. Be quick to get it done within the time.
6.0 / 10
Jumping Bubbles
In Jumping Bubbles you have to jump from one bubble to the other in order to get as high as possible.
10.0 / 10
Pop all of the coloured balls in the field by figuring out which ones to pop first.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Cards
Make sure the bubbles containing the playing cards end up in the right place in every level.
10.0 / 10
Bubble Tanks 2
Destroy the other tanks and collect the bubbles to upgrade your own tank and take on bigger enemies.
9.5 / 10
Try to shoot all of the bubbles so that they pop. In this game you are a cannon. Aim well.
7.0 / 10
Bubble Burst
Pop all of the coloured bubbles in the right order. Find out how fast you can get them all.
6.0 / 10
Can you find all the matching pictures. It's a game of memeory, but then in bubbles.
2.0 / 10
Bubble Elements
Bubble Elements is a nice winter version of bubble shooter where you should look for the four elements...
6.0 / 10
Glow Scramble
Catch as many green orbs as you can. The other orbs are bonus orbs, except for the red ones! Dodge them!
6.0 / 10
Funny Bubbles
The legendary funny bubbles, this time with animals for bubbles. Enjoy the game!
6.0 / 10
Yeti Bubbles
A fun bubbles game with penguins and a yeti in the Yetisports style, but the controls aren't that great.
6.0 / 10
Summer Couples
Find two similar summer items and connect them to empty the field. Keep an eye on your time.
6.0 / 10
Pop the bubbles by pushing them to another line to form combinations of three or more.
6.0 / 10
Santa and the Lost Gifts
Help Santa collect the gifts from the bubbles. It's a lot like the game Bubble Trouble.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Spinner
A new variety on Bubbles: Bubble Spinner. Shoot colored balls at a spinning field!
6.0 / 10
Bubble Odyssey
Shoot all the bubbles away in Bubble Odyssey. Beautiful bubbles that shoot and stick smoothly.
10.0 / 10
Sticky Linky
Can you click away all the sticky creatures? Try to make big matching colour combinations!
6.0 / 10
Bubble Sifter
Instead of sifting heads in this game you can join the sift heads stickmen in sifting bubbles.
6.0 / 10
Giggly Pops
Aim and shoot carefully and pop all the monster-shaped bubbles in the level. Shoot combos with the colours.
6.0 / 10
Speedy Bubbles
Speedy Bubbles: Push the tempo in Speedy Bubbles.
6.0 / 10
Candy Maker
Shoot the candy together in this bubbles game. Here you can shout through and past the front rows.
8.0 / 10
Special Pang
Shoot the bubbles but make sure you don't get hit. Travel around the world looking for bubbles to shoot.
6.0 / 10
Little Furry Things 2
Shoot away the little furry things and try to sort them all by colour. Can you do it?
6.0 / 10
Leaping Ladybugs
Chase away as many ladybugs as possible by making big bubbles and jumping into the field with them.
6.0 / 10
Shoot the bubbles into the field and try to make rows of three or more of the same colour to pop them.
10.0 / 10
Rainbow Web
Rotate the bubbles and get three in a row to collect all the letters of the word rainbow.
10.0 / 10
Pops Frenzy
Try to pop all the bubbles, but avoid the ones with the skulls in them. They will cost you life points.
6.0 / 10
Popa 360
Try to shoot all of the bubbles. You can shoot in any direction, but you only have a limited amount of shots.
6.0 / 10
Sheep Bubble
In this game you're a sheep. Hit all of the wolves with coloured waterballoons.
6.0 / 10
Panic Pang
Try to shoot all of the bubbles. Watch out, because they might split into smaller bubbles!
1.0 / 10
Panik in Bubble Trouble
Help Panik the Rabbit shoot the evil red guys bubbles with his ray gun in this Bubble Trouble game.
10.0 / 10
High Tea
Try to play away all the items from the field by lining up a minimum of three identical ones in a row.
6.0 / 10
Spinning Bubbles
Spinning bubbles is a bubbles game in which the field rotates. 60 levels to go...
6.0 / 10
Bubble Fill
Fill the level with bubbles. Make big and small bubbles to fill 2/3 of the playing field and win!
6.0 / 10
Protect the big ball by moving the coloured balls, kokimi, around to stop the monsters.
6.0 / 10
In this Bubbles game you have to help the cute little creature Pipi jump from bubble to bubble.
6.0 / 10
Popa Night
Shoot all of the bubbles before they vanish and you can't see them anymore in Popa Night.
6.0 / 10
The Game Called Bob
Watch out for the red bubbles. Blow your own bubbles at them with the panda and don't get hit.
10.0 / 10
Flower Power
Play this variation on bubbles with flowers. Can you shoot all the flowers together and clear the field?
8.0 / 10
Mileage Ace
Jump from bubble to bubble and try to climb as high as you can. Grab the bonus bubbles for higher jumps.
6.0 / 10
Click on the floats in the right order to make them disappear. Get them all before your time runs out.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Tanks
You play a Bubble Tank. Grow bigger by shooting and eating other bubbles.
10.0 / 10
Canpop 2
Aim carefully and try to shoot all the bubbles so that they pop in every level. Try not to waste shots.
6.0 / 10
Ring Mania
Rotate the circle so that you can get the rings of the same colour to connect.
6.0 / 10
Catch as many of the blue bubbles as you can, but avoid the red ones. you can also make combos.
6.0 / 10
Bubble Quod
Make sure you free yourself from imprisonment in the bubble in every level of Bubble Quod.
6.0 / 10
Numbers Reaction 2
Start a reaction by clicking bubbles. Try to eliminate as many as you can.
6.0 / 10
Uber Breakout
Try to keep the ball in the round field with the red bar while popping the bubbles.
6.0 / 10
Swing That Freak
Swing around the freaky pink raindrop and collect the bubbles. How many bubbles can you collect?
6.0 / 10
Atomyx is a variation on Bubbles in which the field is constantly spinning around.
6.0 / 10
Smiley Trap
Catch the SMileys in your rotating grid. Rotate the smily trap so that they form rows.
1.0 / 10
Aqua Bubbles
Click away all the bubbles under water. You can click them away when they form combos of three or more.
6.0 / 10
Christmas Bubbles
Can you shoot all the bubbles in this game? Make combinations of three or more of the same ones.
6.0 / 10