A trip down memory lane

Take a nostalgic trip back to the days of the old arcade classics such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pong. You can also try one of the current arcade game favourites such as the immensely popular and addicting Bejeweled and Bubbles, and of course all the variations on these bubble shooter and bejeweled games. Play one of the modern shooters, block stacking games, or pac mans with smooth and sometimes exciting 3D graphics, or hark back to the good old days with some of the charmingly pixellated arcade games we've collected for you in this overview

We like these games:Pac-Xon Deluxe, Money Movers, Bomb It 4, Dining Zoo, Jelly Madness 2, Match Masters, Color Switch Challenges, Ice Cream Pirates, Brave Tomato 2, Farming Simulator

Blooper Orange
Shoot the oranges into the portals. Use the cannonballs to remove obstacles and clear the path. You only have a couple of each, so don't waste them!
0 / 10
Candy Crush Online
Try to make the candy switch places. How many combinations can you make before the time is up? Try to line them up horizontally or vertically.
8 / 10
Army of Ages
The aliens are attacking! They've built their base on earth, so you have to destroy it. Fight through the ages and become stronger as you go. The aliens will evolve too, so make sure to stay ahead!
8 / 10
Fly through the sky on your dragon's back. Can you shoot all the monsters and collect the coins they drop? Save up for good upgrades and don't forget to use your magic attack!
8 / 10
Pre-Civilization Stone Age
Build your own civilization. Can you teach the cave dwellers all kinds of important techniques so that the population grows fast enough? Try to build a palace within 100 turns.
8 / 10
Frenzy Salon
Help your customers. Wash their hair and give them a new haircut. Some might like something to read or a cup of coffee. Other customers would like a massage too. You're on your own, and you have lots of customers. So why not hire some staff?
8 / 10
Give Me Gems
Grab all of the gems by making big combinations. The bigger the better! Try to match the colours and grab as many in one go as you can!
8 / 10
Avengers Spot the Difference
Can you spot all the differences between these two pictures of the superhero team The Avengers? Look carefully and try to find them all.
8 / 10
Airborne Wars 2
Send your paratroopers over the enemy buildings. Jump down and take over alle the army bases. Make sure you have them all by the end of the level.
8 / 10
The Slope
Ski down the slopes. You will see some crazy stuff lying about there, but just jump over it. Giant crabs and all. Can you make it to the end of the level?
0 / 10
Stickman Paintball Adventure
You can't see much, because it's dark. Can you find the way through the level? Luckily your paintball gun is armed with glow in the dark paint!
0 / 10
Dungeon Defender
Keep the dungeon safe from all kinds of intruders. Place your orcs and other monster guardians along the sides of the path and stop everyone from coming through.
0 / 10
Drive your little tank through the Steamlands. Pick up blocks for extra protection and defeat all the other tanks by shooting coal at them.
7.8 / 10
Pocket Creatures PVP
Can you collect all the monsters. Evolve and upgrade them by feeding them lots of food and buying upgrade gems with the points you can score in the matches.
10 / 10
Froggy Cupcakes
Help the frog eat as many cupcakes as possible. Shoot the bite-sized cakes into his mouth and grab the three stars along the way.
0 / 10
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran is back with a vengeance! Launch Angry Gran and try to take out as many chavs as you can. Watch out for the dumpsters and the police, and don't forget to buy cool upgrades to help Gran along.
8 / 10
Twisted Kingdom 2
Can you create all the castles, knights, and houses on the list? It's not as easy as it looks! Combine houses, castles, and peasants to create more valuable units.
8 / 10
Wreck Road
Hit the breaks and ram the other cars. That's how you gain speed in this game. Save money for upgrades. Completion stunts and missions will allow you to unlock further upgrades.
8 / 10
Towers Trap
Keep all the creeps from crossing to the other side. You can use your towers to make their path as long as possible, and block the direct route.
0 / 10
Kingdom Reaction
Cause an awesome chain reaction so that you only have to fire one shot to get rid of all the invaders in your castle. Hit them all and grab the treasure!
0 / 10