Ninja Miner

Run through the mine with the ninja and watch out for the bats and the water. Try to collect all the diamonds and the golden stars. Try to grab the handy mining tools too.

8 / 10
Notepad Invaders

Of course you can't really play Space Invaders in your notebook, but it does look like a lot of fun. Try playing the videogame classic in notebook format!

0 / 10

Move through the levels and make it to the end. Jump around to grab all the bonus points, but make sure you don't fall down through the gaps in this old school platform game.

0 / 10
Olli Ball

Get ready to make Olli fly in this addictive game. In this game Olli needs to fly as far as he can. Along the way Olli has to catch as much rubber ducks he can, slides into Olli’s turds or jump on his paper plane to get more speed, new outfits to make him fly in style, and many other features.Make Olli fly as far as he can and
Olli® is the 100% fake elephant made out of fake elephant stuff.
Olli® is a character of Ollimania® that creates childrens books, toys and does a lot of charity. Everyone loves Ollimania. It is not just us! All Ollimania characters are extremely friendly and can survive in space.

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Ollimania is a family of characters and registered trademarks. All Ollimania characters are designed, created and illustrated by Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje Bok/John Doe BV, Ollimania LLC. All rights reserved © 2017

0 / 10

A fun game in which you can create and then play your own levels. Make it as easy or as difficult as you want. If you're in need of inspiration you can always play a couple of levels created by other people to find out how it works.

8 / 10
On the Toy's Trail

In this sidescroller adventure you have to collect as many toys as you can. But not all the toys are with you on this plan. Stay well away from the wind-up gorilla!

8 / 10
Orbit Blaster

Shoot down all the UFOs that are trying to invade the earth. Shoot them all to pieces and destroy the mothership at the end. Watch out you don't get hit too often.

0 / 10
Orbitron 2

In this space game you have to shoot all the objects falling from the sky. You control a little cannon. It's small, but it sure packs a punch!

8 / 10
Orbox B

In paart B of Orbox you'll find even more puzzles to work your way through. Move around the box, explode bombs and close space gates, all in order to get to the red exit. Good luck!

0 / 10
Outpost Dedlaw

In this game you have to shoot the opposing forces that appear flying in from the top of the screen. They'll try to hit you with lasers which you'll also have to dodge.

2 / 10
Pac Adventure

Dracula has kidnapped Mrs. Pac-Man. Defeat Dracula by collecting potions and garlic and this dark and Dracula-themed Pac-Man adventure.

8 / 10
Pacman Advanced

A Pacman game with all kinds of new levels. Collect all of the dots to move on to the next level, as usual. Watch out for the ghosts. They aren't the classic red, blue, pink and orange guys, but the same rules obtain: Grab the red power-pellets and they can't hurt you.

7.4 / 10
Pacman Classic

Play the classic Pacman game, an old arcade favourite. Collect the dots and avoid the four ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. When you collect a power pellet (the bigger dots) they will temporarily turn dark blue and can be eaten.

8.1 / 10
Painters Guild

In this game you run a painters guild. Accept commissions and paint portraits to pay the bills. Can you gather more experience and prestige? Make sure they rest sometimes too, because otherwise they'll fall asleep on the job!

0 / 10
Panda Flying Cookie Quest

Launch the panda with the cannon. Fly as far as you can and bounce off of all the other animals. Collect the cookies. You can trade them for great upgrades.

10 / 10
Panic in a Skyscraper

Help the people escape the buildings by placing the steps strategically. The buildings will get higher and higher as you play.

0 / 10
Papa's Pastaria

Papa Louie is back with a new store. This time you'll be serving pasta in Venice, and you'll have waiting staff! There are also lots of new characters, new recipes and a whole new set of fun minigames!

8.2 / 10
Paper Chain Angry Monsters

Cut the paper chain holding the cannonball to make it drop onto the monsters. You have to knock out all the monsters to win the game.

0 / 10
Pencil War

Stop all the cars from reaching the end of the road that zigzags through each level. Build all kinds of towers to protect the road.

0 / 10

Clear the field of marbles by shooting together three or more marbles of the same colour. Shoot the cheese to win.

8.3 / 10

A trip down memory lane

Take a nostalgic trip back to the days of the old arcade classics such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pong. You can also try one of the current arcade game favourites such as the immensely popular and addicting Bejeweled and Bubbles, and of course all the variations on these bubble shooter and bejeweled games. Play one of the modern shooters, block stacking games, or pac mans with smooth and sometimes exciting 3D graphics, or hark back to the good old days with some of the charmingly pixellated arcade games we've collected for you in this overview

We like these games:Block Tetris, Phantom Mansion 8: Black Sanctum, Ms Pacman 2, Sweat Hearts, Tetris HD, Phantom Mansion 1: Red Chamber, Phantom Mansion: Arabian Sea, Phantom Mansion 5: Blue Ballroom, I, Robot, Phantom Mansion 7: Violet Vault