Match Masters

Do you love match3 games? Raise the stakes with Match Masters and compete in friendly one-on-one games against other players to test your skills. You have two turns per round to swap the icons on the board and make the best combinations. Try to create bigger combos and longer chain reactions than your opponent so that you score more points. Earn enough coins to make your way into the higher player leagues. The higher the league, the bigger the rewards. Become an international Match Master!

0 / 10
Maze Man 2

Navigate maze man through a series of mazes while picking up all of the yellow coins on the way. Have fun with Maze Man 2!

6 / 10

In this game you are the ghost of an ancient monk. Can you search the levels and find the lost manuscripts. Once you have what you need you must quickly return to the door.

0 / 10
Mine Blocks

Walk around in the strange world, mine the blocks by breaking them and collecting the pieces. You can use these to build things. Best check the instructions first though.

8 / 10
Minecraft Tower Defence

A tower defence game that was inspired by the game Minecraft. Can you defeat all the creepers coming down the path? Create the path first!

7.3 / 10
Missile Game 3D

A highly rated game of hand-eye coordination and dexterity with the mouse. Fly a missile through a series of halls and tubes without hitting any of the obstacles. The screen moves alng with the movements of the mouse. Dizzying and lots of fun!

8 / 10
Mixed World

Help the squares push all the circles out of the level by shoving them off the platforms. Each square has a unique superpower. Make them work together to get rid of all the circles.

0 / 10
Monkey Go Happy Candy

Look around and search for the hidden candy. You'll have to search every area, so help the other characters solve their problems so that they let you through.

8 / 10
Monkey Go Happy Tales 2

Help the monkey solve all the puzzles in this new installment of the Monkey Go Happy series. Can you find all the hidden items and figure out how to use them?

8 / 10
Monkey Go Happy Xmas Time

In this game you have to help the monkey find the Christmas presents for the baby monkeys. Can you also find the Xmas tree and get the Xmas lighting to work?

8 / 10
Monster Town Defence

Build a village for your monsters to live in. Build houses, factories, and also a place to train your soldiers. That way you can defend your village too.

8 / 10
Ms Pacman

Play Ms Pacman, a classic sequel to Pacman. Pacman's female counterpart gets a slightly harsher deal here: The ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are a bit faster from the start in this version of the game. Collect the dots and grab the power pellets to make the ghosts temporarily vulnerable.

9.3 / 10
Ms Pacman 2

Ms Pacman is back in the fast-paced Neave original. Collect the pips and the fruit. Avoid the ghst or turn them blue with the power pips and eat them.

9.1 / 10
Multistage Mahjong

A variety of Mahjong with multiple levels. They start out very simple, but each level in Multistage Mahjong will be more difficult than the last. Have fun!

8 / 10
Mummy Mojo

Fly through the ancient pyramid and collect the golden artifacts and the coins. Save up for upgrades and watch out for the mummies and the deadly magic traps.

10 / 10
Nail Noid

Do away with boredom with this fun arkanoid game where the theme is oldschool ballpoint pen and paper. Nice and nostalgic, but above all fun! You can gain bonus points for collecting the nails which tumble out of the broken boxes.

8 / 10
Naruto Invaders

In this Naruto space invaders game you have to use your throwing knives to hit all the invaders coming down, including Kakashi and Rock Lee.

2 / 10
Naval Fighter

Choose your fighter jet for each mission and defeat the enemy planes, ships, blimps, submarines and more. Use your bullets and torpedoes.

8 / 10
Need Water

Can you get the water to flow to the pipe line and the oil to trickle down to the drilling installation? Collect all the gems along the way by passing them with your tunnel.

8 / 10
Nightclub Tycoon

In this game you are a nightclub owner. Can you keep your place looking cool and turn it into a successful business? Hire good staff and buy nice furniture.

8 / 10

A trip down memory lane

Take a nostalgic trip back to the days of the old arcade classics such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pong. You can also try one of the current arcade game favourites such as the immensely popular and addicting Bejeweled and Bubbles, and of course all the variations on these bubble shooter and bejeweled games. Play one of the modern shooters, block stacking games, or pac mans with smooth and sometimes exciting 3D graphics, or hark back to the good old days with some of the charmingly pixellated arcade games we've collected for you in this overview

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