Block Tetris

Why it took so long to make a game like this we don't know, because it's really funny. Build whole apartment blocks in this tetris game and make as many complete rows of blocks in the street as you can!

8.4 / 10
Sweat Hearts

Try to play away as many pieces of candy as quickly as you can in this bejeweled game. Click on the chocolate hearts to blow up a whole area in one go.

8 / 10
Ms Pacman 2

Ms Pacman is back in the fast-paced Neave original. Collect the pips and the fruit. Avoid the ghst or turn them blue with the power pips and eat them.

9.1 / 10
Phantom Mansion 1: Red Chamber

Help Hector make his way through the phantom mansion. Walk into each of the rooms and complete the levels by collecting the skulls.

7.5 / 10
Phantom Mansion 8: Black Sanctum

This is the last room of the Phantom Mansion. Push the crates through the maze, grab the keys and dodge the monsters.

2 / 10
Tetris HD

Tetris HD is just like any other game of tetris, except the screen is much bigger. Just the screen, mind you. If you thought there wasn't enough room in the old tetris, then you'll certainly have enough space to move your blocks around in now!

7.6 / 10
Carrot Defence

Protect the carrot at the end of the path by shooting away the funny monsters with your crazy towers. Don't let them pass or they'll eat your carrot!

9 / 10
Phantom Mansion: Arabian Sea

After escaping the Phantom Mansion Hector seeks out new puzzle adventures at sea. Explore the Seven Seas, starting with the Arabian Sea.

0 / 10
Bubble Up 2

Can you shoot all the bubbles of the same colour at each other to form combinations? Three or more of the same bubbles is a combo. Can you clear away all the bubbles?

8 / 10
Phantom Mansion 2: Orange Library

Find all the skulls in this new chapter of the Phantom Mansion. Can you guide Hector through the Orange Library?

0 / 10
Animal Raceway 2

Win the running match with your favourite animal. Pick a runner and train him with all kins of different exercises so that you improve his skills. That way you can win the matches. You can buy all kinds of accessories with the prize money.

6.5 / 10
Phantom Mansion: Black Sea

Hector the supernatural detective is sailing the seven seas in search of mystery and treasure. Push the boxes and find the keys to open the doors.

6 / 10
I, Robot

Play a number of different games (racing, platform, shooter, puzzle) relating to the film I, Robot.

8.2 / 10
Phantom Mansion 5: Blue Ballroom

Guide Hector through the mazes and puzzles of the blue ballroom in this new Phantom Mansion adventure. Collect the skulls!

0 / 10
Phantom Masion 3: Yellow Tower

Help Hector find the way through the Yellow Tower, a new set of rooms in the Phantom Mansion. Pick up all the skulls and tools.

0 / 10
Phantom Mansion: North Sea

Hector is searching for treasure in a cave on a secret island somewhere in the North Sea. Can you help him find the keys and open the doors?

0 / 10
Barney Chase

Yabbah-dabbah-doo! A version of the game of the goose featuring the famous stone age family the Flintstones. Help Fred chase Barney across the globe. Roll de die, answer trivia questions about the show, and play minigames for bonus points.

8.4 / 10
Phantom Mansion 6: Indigo Dungeon

In this part of the Phantom Mansion series you'll make your way through the underground indigo dungeons of the haunted house with Hector. Collect the skulls!

0 / 10
Minecraft Tower Defence

A tower defence game that was inspired by the game Minecraft. Can you defeat all the creepers coming down the path? Create the path first!

7.3 / 10
Tower Up

Build your own skyscraper. It can be however high you like. Make sure the residential areas are being used and that the shops are never out of stock or employees.

8 / 10

A trip down memory lane

Take a nostalgic trip back to the days of the old arcade classics such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pong. You can also try one of the current arcade game favourites such as the immensely popular and addicting Bejeweled and Bubbles, and of course all the variations on these bubble shooter and bejeweled games. Play one of the modern shooters, block stacking games, or pac mans with smooth and sometimes exciting 3D graphics, or hark back to the good old days with some of the charmingly pixellated arcade games we've collected for you in this overview

We like these games:Block Tetris, Sweat Hearts, Ms Pacman 2, Phantom Mansion 1: Red Chamber, Phantom Mansion 8: Black Sanctum, Tetris HD, Carrot Defence, Phantom Mansion: Arabian Sea, Bubble Up 2, Phantom Mansion 2: Orange Library