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Is watching reruns of old action movies on TV just not enough audience participation for you? Try one of our adventure games here. We have some of the most popular platform adventure classics lined up in our adventure game overviews, such as Super Mario games, Sonic games, and the Prince of Persia. We've also collected some great online RPG games, point-and-click adventures and treausre hunts, and adventure games starring popular TV heroes such as Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, Sam, Clover and Alex from the popular teen show Totally Spies, and famous comicbook heroes like Batman and Spiderman. In the left-hand column of tags you'll find a list of a number of popular adventure categories for quick navigation, but feel free to scroll through our extensive adventure game overview and find the best adventure for you!

We like these games:BlockStarPlanet, Money Movers 3, Agent of Descend, Bob The Robber 4: Season 2, Adam and Eve 4, Bob The Robber 4: Season 3, Adam and Eve: Zombies, Dynamons World, Trump On Top, Bob The Robber 4

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost
Caveman Adam is very good at roaring loudly and making scary faces. Can you scare the tourists, kids, nuns, and other people in Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost? Help Adam sneak up on them by removing the obstacles in his path in this funny point and click game.
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Explore the unknown with your spaceship in the shooter game HyperDiver. Shoot enemy spaceships to uncover the black tiles. Collect the upgrade icons you've uncovered and fill each upgrade bar. Each time you land on a planet, you can click on the spaceship upgrade menu to use up the icons you've collected and make your ship more powerful.
0 / 10
Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker
Adam has taken to sleepwalking in the game Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker, and that's a real problem in the dangerous prehistoric world. Can you guide sleeping Adam past all the deadly obstacles and lead him back to his wife Eve? Good luck!
0 / 10
Adam and Eve: Zombies
Help Adam escape the zombies in the funny game Adam and Eve: Zombies! This time, Adam is chased by a horde of cat zombies as he searches for his true love, Eve. In each level, you will have to clear the obstacles so that Adam can keep moving. Take a good look at each situation and use the various objects in the right order to clear a path for Adam
0 / 10
Nugget Seeker
Nugget Seeker is a fun skill game in which you have to outrun the other miners as you dig your way to the gold nuggets. Dig tunnels through the earth with your pickaxe, but make sure you give the other miners wide berth. If they catch you, they will knock you down and steal your gold. To complete each level, you will have to collect every last nugget. Can you do it without getting caught?
0 / 10
Freddy's Escape House
Run for the exit in Freddy's Escape House! As you speed through the dark corridors to get away from Freddy's ghouls, new doors keep on appearing ahead of you in the gloom. Swipe left, right, or up to match the arrow on the door and slide it open. Make sure you react quickly, because if you're too late you won't be able to outrun the monsters chasing you through this deadly labyrinth! Enjoy this creepy reaction game based on the Five Nights at Freddy's series!
0 / 10
Robbie is the lone good robot left in a factory of AI gone evil and out to wreak havoc on the factory’s operations. Help Robbie to evade them as they try to stop him in his efforts to return the factory to order. Use elements of his environment to help him travel through each level, collect microchips and avoid the evil robots in his quest to save the factory.
0 / 10
Fly or Die
The world is overrun by a huge swarm of zombies in the plane game Fly or Die. The only way to save humanity is to fly into the zombie territory and find their mother hive. Will you be able to guide your ancient warplane through the hostile zone and blow up the hive? With each attempt, you can earn money for useful upgrades!
10 / 10
Play, a nice Adventure game for free!
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Kogama: Xmas Parkour
This Kogama: Xmas Parkour obstacle course takes cool to a whole new level! Can you survive the snowy obstacles sprinkled across this Christmas-themed track? Jump and climb over the various objects barring your path. Leap from platform to platform and try to reach every checkpoint in record time!
0 / 10
Kizi Town
Build houses on all the plots of land you can buy in the idle game Kizi Town. You can upgrade each property to generate more money in a shorter amount of time. Every now and then a plane or zeppelin will fly over. Click on it to receive a quick injection of cash!
0 / 10
Gingerman Rescue
Gingerman Rescue is a classic platform game with a tasty twist! You’re a ginger cookie and you want to beat the ice cream villain who took your gummy buttons. Armed with a deadly candy cane in your hand and a determined look on your face, you have to clear all the levels of his Ice Cream Empire before you can come face-to-face with your nemesis. Are you enough of a tough cookie to get the job done?
0 / 10
Penguin Quest
Platform Quest pits you and a displaced penguin against the icy environment as he tries to return his egg to the nest. Bats have carried the penguin and his egg far from home. Help him maneuver the egg back down the platforms to the nest without breaking it, and while avoiding the other dangers in his path.
0 / 10
Adam and Eve 4
Play Adam and Eve 4, a nice Adventure game for free!
0 / 10
Bob The Robber 4: Season 2
Play Bob The Robber 4: Season 2, a nice Adventure game for free!
6 / 10
A Pixel Adventure Vol 2
Take on a new series of dungeons and monsters in A Pixel Adventure Vol 2! Use the mini-map to explore each dungeon and find the hidden treasure rooms. Watch out for the increasingly strong monsters that will suddenly pop up and come after you!
0 / 10
A Pixel Adventure Vol 1
In the platform game A Pixel Adventure Vol 1 you're going on an exciting adventure. Explore a maze of dangerous dungeons in search of treasure and the fiendish monster that calls itself Adenocarcinoma. Can you find and vanquish this abomination?
0 / 10
Money Movers 3
Time to team up with your guard dog, and arrest the robbers!
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Flight Sim
Air traffic controller is a challenging and well-paid job, and in Flight Sim you'll find out why: Directing a multitude of planes through the busy airspace over the runway is a tricky task! Can you land 10, 20, or more planes, passenger jets, and helicopters roughly at the same time?
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Kogama: Ghost House
Break into the haunted house for a thrilling adventure in Kogama: Ghost House! In this 3D game, you are a ghost-hunting detective. Search the chilly corridors and the spooky rooms of the mansion and be on the lookout for mysterious paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions!
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