Stealth Hunter 2

Can you escape from the harbour facility alive? There's strange business dealings going on. Collect evidence with your stealth agent and find a way back out.

9 / 10
Steel Grinder

Drive your tank through the level and shoot all of the other tanks until they are destroyed. Keep shooting and buy enough upgrades to survive the next levels.

8 / 10
Steel Torrent

Shoot the other tanks and keep your tank intact by dodging the bullets fired at you. Shoot missiles at your opponents and plant mines to blow them up.

8 / 10
Stella's Dress Up

Choose a model and dress her up in all kinds of pretty clothes. Each time you will get to choose from three randomly selected items. Mix and match what looks best. All the way at the end you can change any item you want to replace.

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 10

An accident happened in a hidden laboratory somewhere in a snowy and cold region. Explore the area and find out what's gone wrong.

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 11

Dr Sanchez's colleagues have been vanishing into thin air. Can you help May Crimson sneak into the building and figure out what's going on?

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 12

Can you find evidence of the mysterious experiments that went on in this lab? Look carefully and collect items and tools.

8 / 10
Steppen Wolf 14

Knock out the armed henchmen to escape from the house in the mountains where you and Olaf are being held captive. Can you figure out how?

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 15

While Olaf and Wolf have just started on their deep sea descent in the submarine things get tense on the boat as well: armed soldier suddenly attack May! Can you help her get away?

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 16

You've crashlanded the submarine on the seabed. You'll have to descend further to find the Kraken, but watch out for its tentacles!

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 18

Try to sneak into the mansion. Can you figure out how to do it without the man guarding the gate seeing you and throwing you out?

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 19

Save the little boy who helped you in an earlier chapter. Give the dog his cap and it will lead you in the right direction. You will have to figure out how to keep going.

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 20

You've found Pedro, but the evil cult is using him to lure the Chupacabra. Help all three heroes escape from the terrible monster.

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 21

Try to help the heroes escape the secret island base of the creepy cult. Try to take out the armed guards so you can get to the helicopter.

8 / 10
Steppen Wolf 22

Use your wits and try to find a way past the armed guards so you can break into the second secret compound run by the bad guys.

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 23

Help Meg escape the cell and knock out the armed guards. Can you get to the lab and stop Reggie Donovan from taking the X Creatures serum?

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 24

Reggie Donovan has taken the X Creatures serum and has mutated into a terrible monster. Just in time for the last confrontation with Steppenwolf. Can you outsmart the monster?

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 4

Derrick is saved in the nick of time, because you distracted the prehistoric monster. Now it has set its sights on you! Run through the jungle to escape and be quick!

0 / 10
Steppen Wolf 5

You got kidnapped on the train to you next research project! The bad guys have shot Derrick! Can you find a way to escape these deadly outlaws?

8 / 10
Steppen Wolf 6

Find your way through the village and the temple and try to stay ahead of the bandits with guns by solving all the puzzles.

0 / 10

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