Nesquik Quest

Clear a path for Nesquik while he approaches on his skateboard.

8 / 10

Make sure the neurons don't hit you. Some float randomly, but others will come after you. Shoot them and use the data you gather from them to upgrade your speed, health and firepower.

8 / 10
Nevermore 3

Walk through the big level and try to find the way out. Sometimes it'll be difficult to move ahead to the next level. There will be a problem you will need to solve before you can move on. Can you find out how?

2 / 10
New World Empires

Discover the New World and build empires over the ages in this free-to-play empire-building MMO Strategy game. Build colonies, trade with allies, or declare war for new territory across challenging new terrains

0 / 10
New Year 2012 Escape

After the New Year's party you wake up to find yourself locked into the party room. Look around and figure out how to escape. Use the items you find lying about. See anything useful? Be inventive!

8 / 10
Night of the Ninja

For this game you will need a webcam. Connect your webcam and your image will appear on screen. You can move move your hands and arms to fight the ninjas in the game.

7.8 / 10
Nightmares 2 The Adventures

Chapter 2: Who Wants to Frame Hairy deBully? Can you help Viktor find out before he wakes up? Resolve the nightmare before it becomes too creepy and wakes Viktor up. If you help Hairy out, he'll stop haunting Viktor's dreams.

0 / 10
Nightmares 3 The Adventures

Part 3: The Baron of Vermin Famine. Can you help the Baron find his cheese so that he'll stop haunting Viktor? Make sure you don't click on the wrong items too often, or the Fright will wake you up!

8 / 10
Nightmares 4 The Adventures

Part 4: The Stolen Souvenirs of Rob R. Can you help Rob R find back what was stolen from him so that he will let Viktor dream in peace? Don't click on the wrong items too often or the Fright will wake you up before the puzzles are solved!

0 / 10
Nightmares 5: The Adventures

In this fifth, Halloween themed nightmare you have to collect useful items and solve the issue of this bad dream. Don't have too many frights or you'll wake up!

8 / 10
Nightmares the Adventure

Part 1: Broken Bones Complaint. Help Viktor vanquish his nightmares. Solve Broken Bones's problem but don't click on the wrong things too often or you'll wake up in a fright!

8 / 10
Ninja Adventure: Relax Time

This ninja is a bridge-builder. Literally, because that's the only way to get to the next platform and cross the abyss. Grow the beams in Ninja Adventure: Relax Time, and drop them from your platform to bridge the gap. Don't fall short and don't overshoot, because your ninja will simply keep walking - even if the beam is too short or too long - and plummet into the abyss.

0 / 10
Ninja Miner

Grab all of the stars and the gems as you bounce through the mines like a ninja. Watch out for the traps in the later levels though. Don't hit the sharp spikes. Can you find the pickax and the keys you'll need to unlock the doors?

8 / 10
Ninja Revenge

The old ninja master has been attacked all of a sudden and was killed right in front of the ninja students. Help the ninjas chase down the killer and avenger their master.

0 / 10

Build your own nitrohauler to transport the boxes of nitro in. Make sure it's sturdy enough. Then you must transport the boxes of explosives over a rough road without all of them exploding along the way.

8 / 10
No Comment

There is nothing to report on anymore in the world, so the journalists have taken to harassing you. Protect your dignity by keeping them off you. Throw pies at them.

0 / 10
No Limit Moto Jump

Build up to your big 100 yard leap by making increasingly far jumps. Make sure you hit the ramps, don't overshoot them. Will you be able to make the big jump?

8 / 10

The Ice Queen is back to terrorise the village of Shingård. King Björn the Awesome has chosen you to crush the enemies of the realm. Lead your band of heroes through all kinds of magical and beautifully designed regions and defeat your opponents in thrilling battle scenes and epic boss fights. Can you collect a team of mighty heroes around jou and banish all the forces of evil that obey the Ice Queen? Good luck!

0 / 10
Not Your War

Try to prevent an all out war from happening by carrying out all the missions correctly. Can you outsmart everyone else and complete your missions?

8 / 10
Nugget Seeker

Nugget Seeker is a fun skill game in which you have to outrun the other miners as you dig your way to the gold nuggets. Dig tunnels through the earth with your pickaxe, but make sure you give the other miners wide berth. If they catch you, they will knock you down and steal your gold. To complete each level, you will have to collect every last nugget. Can you do it without getting caught?

0 / 10

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